Fate Comes to Call

Hope is found Down in the Damp Dark Below


While we delve deeper into the caverns underneath the castle we discover the area neede for Dakras and his Scythe. Once again we encounter more traps, and again they are designed to separate us via teleportation. Strahds main tactics seem to be inclined towards dividing us both literally and figuratively, now more than ever we need to remain united. At last I saw some cooperation from Dakras in assisting Axe’s paralysis, perhaps there is hope of regaining his trust. We discovered a captive down here after being teleported into his jail cell. I let him know that we are not here to harm him and that we will get him out of here. He seems to fear Dakras, but I openly assure him that Dakras is a good man and does not wield his power over death with malicious intent. Secretly I hope that Dakras can hear this, but I still speak this truly regardless. Perhaps I can instill new hope in this captive in this dark place. This man, should we rescue him from this place I will ask him to spread my story of what happened here, spread his new hope and perhaps he will be the first of many to follow, for now I am but a mortal, but I will forge the path ahead towards the Harpoon and then through the Leviathan to my destiny. First though, Strahd must fall.


LycanthropianDM townsendsteven84

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