Fate Comes to Call

Shango's judgement


History keepers have heard many oral renditions of how the fourth age of man ended from ancestors of the few widely scattered survivors . There are also many fragmented manuscripts from the age which have survived to this present day. It has taken generations of scholars decades of work to piece together what happened to our world in the previous age. This is a rendition of one peoples plight during this time.

In the fourth age, there were a nomadic tribe of peoples whose true names are now lost to history. Vistani, Gypsy, Traveling people, and Varisian were just a few of the names people used to label them. Outcasts and drifters by tradition, these people were looked down upon by most of the other peoples of the fourth age.

One deity of the age however took pity on them and changed their lives forever. He had many names during this time, but most referred to him as Shango. Shango was a mortal man once, a mage of enormous power who could bend the powers of the storm to his own will. It is unclear why he decided to take the Vistani people under his protection, but the fact that he did so is written in too many accounts of the time to not be true.

As his power grew, he harnessed the power and mysticism of the Vistani people to his own will much like his power over lightning and thunder. Many sages have postulated that it was the Vistani themselves who became his first worshipers. All the while the accounts we have tell us of Shango’s relentless drive to unite the scattered Vistani people into one nation located in a formerly cursed demi plane of an ancient and mysterious Vampyr. The motives and methods he used to get them to travel and live there are not recorded in any histories that we have. The event that is recorded however is much more heavily documented and is why Shango is known by his more popular name.

The Betrayer.

The largest scrap of parchment we have of this time is written by a Vistani who was acting as Shangos personal scribe at the time. While his name is unknown to all in the modern age his words are contained here…
“And so it was that when Brontes ascended he chose a new name and became Shango. When he returned from Missing unknown he announced his intent to deliver to my people the reward that was promised. After a period of rest and meditation numbering a span of days, my people, the largest gathering of the traveling people ever recorded by history came to witness the fulfillment.

Instead what we found was chaos and death.

Shango did not reveal his wrath and hatred of the Vistani until it was far too late for us to react. His speech started slowly, hitting upon all the themes he has used throughout the years to trick us into joining him. But when he came to the part about our reward, this time he shouted out in a great voice"

This is what happens to all who would hide in the shadows and steal like the disgusting thieves you all are! This is what happens to traitors and murderers! This is what happens to any mortal who would dare show any lovefrom this day forth for the filthy Vistani!"

“With those words ended Shango did channel the true power of his godhood. Lightning pierced everything in the demi plane until the plane itself unraveled and melted into oblivion. Of the multitude of Vistani gathered there and the men and creatures who lived there and were not of the gypsies, none survived. Only by Shangos great magic did I survive, teleported to Missing Unknown He smiled as I cursed him with my dying breaths, for he knew that he had given all of himself into destroying me and my people. His death would be only a few short breaths behind mine. With his last act he used his last scrap of power to allow my thoughts to be transcribed into this journal that will be the only thing that survives this ultimate betrayal.

May all the darkest gods drag Shangos soul to…Missing destroyed


Shango Unchained

Shango's judgement
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