Fate Comes to Call

The Cult of Max

A Vision of the Horrible Future

Long after the current group of adventurers, saviors, fools, or whatever else you wish to call them disbanded a horrible event occurred. Without others of similar power to keep him in check he madness within Max grew even deeper. He was determined to achieve godhood, or if he could not he would attack the gods themselves, tearing them from their divine thrones.

As time passed he sought after more power and spells to cause larger explosions. Eventually he did it… After landing the final blow on the leviathan, blowing the remaining pieces of its head from its neck-like body a light burst from the creatures body and shot into Max’s. The divine spark that granted the beast its great power and immortality had been transferred to its new host.

Following this event there was nothing be found of either combatants. Despite taking shelter far away from the battle the cities residents were all temporarily blinded by the flashes of light at the end of the fight. With no evidence to suggest otherwise it was widely believed that the would be lord of the land vaporized not only the monster of legend but also himself with the final blast of energy.

The true events were a little more strange however, Max was both sealed from time and thrown through it. He would randomly appear in time periods with the inability to do anything but observe. While he waited and watched the god mused to himself, he needed a new name Max was a simple mortal and he was now a god, but for a long time he was unsure what name to take. As Max’s body finished adapting to the new power it absorbed the imprisonment ended but the madness did not leave once his goal was achieved, it instead simply changed directions. A few remnants of the original Max was still present, his affinity towards lightning and the resounding thunder, and curiously his affection towards what he felt was the arms of the common people.

During his time spent in time he witnessed a curious metal tube used by nearly every combatant in the, what one could assume to be, future. It was similar to a wand or magic item but was far to prevalent for it to be that. The common use of the item along with the large noise, smoke emitted from the item after use, and damage it inflicted upon the targets caused it to be taken up by the new deity.

You may be saying, but this was supposed to be a story about the cult of Max not how he achieved godhood! Yes that is true but unfortunately there is little to mention of any worshipers of the minor divine being. Despite this limit a story needed to be told and the padding be added. If you truly wish to hear of the depressing cult of followers continue reading.

Some time after Max came back to time he found himself in another world, far different from Telduin. Only a small group of travelers payed him any attention, and even then only one of them actually payed any reverence to him. The one lone worshiper was an oddly shaped goblin, multi armed and with familiar scales on his skin periodically which affectionately referred to the deity as The Biggest Boom. The rest of the group however generally, jokingly, referred to the “god” that their companion babbled about as Gun Satan.


The Ultimate campaign cross over!

The Cult of Max
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