A young man around the age of 17, he is somewhat scrawny but of average build aside from his large feet. He has brown hair and eyes and wears a hooded cloak typically


NPC Dakras ability refrence guide (Fate not included in anything listed)
AC 20, touch 14, flatfooted 19
HP 83
fort 5 reflex +5 will +13
immune to mundane diseases, +3 against sickening and nauseating effects
speed 4
Scythe +16(1d8
Spellcasting +24 (21 spellpoints)
Decipher Script +18, Heal +18, Arcana +26, Forbidden Lore +30, Perception +29, Search +15, Spellcraft +27


Dakras grew up on the outskirt border of two rival nations, Tescanath and Noxuria. Hailing from a family of farmers and living so far from a major city caused him to know very little about others besides the few neighbors that made up what would be a stretch to call a village. Life was rough and the soil was hard out here but at least nobody bothered them and on the rare occasion that the tax collector actually remembered it existed they took next to nothing and left. It was a peaceful existence… at least until some skirmishers from the Y crossed the border and attacked, whether they though there was hidden treasure, hoped to buy goodwill from their lord, or just out for blood Dakras never learned. They stormed into the village and cut down anybody that they found, man, woman, even the children. Eventually they made their way to the farm owned by Dakras’ family and found them holed up. Vantyr, Dakras’ father made a valiant attempt to fight them off along with the eldest son but neither of them were trained fighters and they only had makeshift weapons and thus were felled with a few blows. Once his father and brother were killed Dakras, the youngest, was hidden under the bed by his mother as the rest of his siblings were being killed. he was able to remain still enough to go undetected as the fighters finished what they were doing and left. A few days later a man came through town to inspect the damages and found starving and dehydrated Dakras still hiding in the family home, it was then that the man took him under his wing.
That is the story that is told anyway, in truth it’s the same except for one major detail. The invaders did find Dakras hiding but while they were dragging him out he screamed and cried but there was only the dead to hear him, so the dead answered his call!. Up sprang the bodies of the dead family and they fell upon their killers to protect the last surviving child. Once it was done the torn bodies were on the ground and the zombie remains stood motionless, their objective complete. The man that eventually found him was a fellow necromancer that from then on taught young Dakras to refine and control his power.


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