As Bob drove the last cursed nail into the ancient bog wood gabzebo…gabezebo… porch looking thing, Bob and his long time friend Neal had no idea of the dark twisted evil they were about to unleash upon the land. But I mean how could they? Yes, the contract to build this gab..bah… wooden structure in the middle of the mere of dead men had been turned down by twenty seven construction companies, but how were they to know that? Research is tough! Money is important and this client offered a bunch of it.
The fact that the employer also gave them all the lumber and nails that needed for the project was just a bonus. So the nails were made by the “cursed” company which they had never heard of before and they were somehow darker than the ancient black as sin bog oak that the lumber was made out of but meh gold is gold as they say.
So now as Bob drove in the last nail a storm arose that shook the now completed structure. Rain pelted down in sheets as Neal came running from his lunch break to stand with Bob under the gabze..gabezee.. porch lookin thing.
Neither of the men was frightened at the time although they should have been. And when lightning struck the porch lookin thing and a great voice bellowed out…
“Tell me my name so that I may hear you call it out as you beg for your useless lives!”
“You’re a Gazbe..Gabze..Gabzo.. Gabezeebo, according to the assembly instructions” said Bob. For the very first time the pair realized that they had been holding this vital document upside down. Maybe this was why they had needed so many extra non “cursed” nails while making it.
“Now beg for mercy in my name before I consume your souls!” The evil voice cried hungrily.
“If your hungry I have a half of sandwich I’m not eatin.” said Neal.
“OK. That will do for now, but later you must feed me live flesh. Do you have any babies around?” The evil voice whispered with menace. .
Thus begins the adventures of Neal and Bob and their always hungry porch lookin thing named Gabezeebo. Many babies will be eatin and many evil deeds will be done for the glory of the dark elder gods. .


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