Everyone's Life Line.


A warpriest who prays for peace and tranqulity. He protects anyone no matter what. Any act I do to another human being does not reflect his tactical decisions in battle. He loves his sister to death, the Austere Lady even more, wishing to spread her wisdom to the world. He believes that her power will help the world and prevents the world form feeling any more turmoil.


Orphaned at an early age, Jolias was brought up by his sister. They came by a mercenary group who worshiped the Austere Lady. He was one of the devoted youths, wanting to bring calmness to the world as decreed by the Red Knight herself. To protect his sister and the world, he has become a Warpriest of the Austere Lady. Looking at Siendart, he wishes to found his own church for the Austere Lady.

However with time, he has become a shell of his former self. As soon as his sister laid eyes on his first death, Jolias resorted to drinking and gambling as a way of alleviating the trauma and guilt of being able to walk on this land once again. Soon, as he experienced his second “death” and third “death” at the hands of the maniacal alchemist Mallard, Jolias soon began to delve into despair, only putting a false smile and preach the words for the Austere Lady. However, all sorts of connections with others have been nearly broken off as he continues to drink him self towards death. By the fourth “Death”, Jolias now drunkenly rambles to him self as he drinks to relax. He’s often talking to his ale, as his cup of ale will believe every word he says whilst no one else would. He has a calm demeanor but can be easily aggravated at the slightest of things. He’s even started to get annoyed by Juliannah with her constant worrying about her brother. Juliannah is worried sick about him, but only time will tell for our Warpriest to see if he has the strength and will to get him out of his funk.


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