Mallard "The Kind Duck"


Mallard is the true born son of Mallard Augusto D’ Pato VII and the disinherited heir to the wealthy alchemical family of D’Pato in Tescana. As a member of a noble family, he was given everything and denied nothing by all, but his father. Mallard gained only two things from his father: A love for vengeance, and a natural talent for alchemy. Unfortunately, Mallard only showed the barest talent for what was widely considered among noble alchemists as the lowest, most crude, and unsophisticated form of alchemy.

Whereas the D’ Pato were known for their medicine, ability to heal the sick, and their pursuit at the extension of life, Mallard since he was young, showed only talent and enthusiasm for fire and the art of destruction. Other disciplines that more rounded students of alchemy could perform, such as basic transmutation, Mallard proved to be a failure at. Thus, until he was nearly grown, he was subject to savage beatings from his father. He learned to duck. No son of the elder Mallard would wear the name and be a failure of an alchemist.

When Mallard grew older, he was freed from the iron grip of his father, having been sent to attend a prestigious boarding school across the country. Finally free, he would use his name and connections to make the less connected children be the ones who ducked instead. His name among fellow pupils was well known and feared. Again, he did not excel in his studies and showed little interest in alchemy outside of the cruel jokes and “experiments” he was fond of conducting on other students.

Upon “graduating” the boarding school, Mallard returned to Tescana to attend the prestigious Royal Alchemical Academy on the sole basis of being his father’s son. Here, in the grime and grit of the city, Mallard came to witness the dark side of alchemy. He encountered the alchemical street drugs and the messy violence which accompanied them in the lower dregs of society. He loved it. and so for the entirety of a year he applied himself and mastered many of the fundamentals of alchemy, although he never could fully grasp transmutation, or make more than the most basic of healing potions. However, after attending for only a year, he would be expelled from the academy due to one too many incidences of drug induced brutality against those fellow students and professors he felt had slighted him.

When the news reached Mallard’s father, Mallard was seen to be stripped of his name, rank, and title. And so Mallard began his career as a street alchemist in earnest, lurking the backstreets selling his alchemical wares, and engaging in all manners of crime. Whether it was the latest high, poison, or arson, Mallard was the man you looked for… or avoided. Widely feared and employing many a filthy gypsie, Mallard soon came to be known as simply The Duck, or The Mad Duck for his eccentric behavior, and fearsome temper.

Years would pass before his father would again hear of his first son, and the criminal life he come to build for himself. Livid with rage, his father would move to use every connection, even those in Tescana’s criminal underworld, so that he could put to an end to the Duck’s black mark on his honour. And so, a royal bounty for the Duck’s death was issued out all throughout Tescana. With criminal and constable, alike, coming for his head, the Duck was given no choice but flee. Vengeance upon his father would have to wait.

Mallard "The Kind Duck"

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