Maximilian McCloud



Max’s Birth:

Maximilian McCloud was born one stormy night 24 years ago. On this fateful night his mother and father were on their way to see the mid-wife further inland from their Port town home. She was 8 months pregnant and wanted to spend the last month of the pregnancy with the mid-wife. There of course was a mid-wife in their home town but her father Androse would not accept anything but the best for his daughter and paid top coin for her to be cared for in the larger city inland. It was on this tragic night that an unnaturally violent thunderstorm rolled in from the sea behind them, they tried desperately to beat it to their destination or find any sort of shelter, but the hills and plains between them and the city offered little respite and the storm soon overtook them in the darkest hour of the night. As the rain battered them and beat their cart deeper and deeper into the mud, a bolt of lighting flashed through the sky turning darkest night to brightest day in that moment. This powerful bolt struck their cart and conducted into his mother, shooting through her body and killing the horses, even his father was severely burned by the power of hit. The cart utterly destroyed and the majority of their supplies lie in cinders, save for a few small items. The concussion of the discharge had knocked his father nearly unconscious. He wearily crawled through the mud and gore towards his fallen wife. Pinned underneath a heavy piece of the wagon, she was barely awake slipping in and out of consciousness. A phrase, repeated over and over. “The baby…save the…save our baby…I…can’t…please…” in her hand gripped tight was their last healing stone, the only one to survive the blast. He held his wife in his arms as a peal of thunder broke through the metronome of the pouring rain. She looked to him, her eyes blurry, her hand reached up to caress the cheek of her husband. “You…have….you….have to…cut the baby out….give them….give them this….please.” With a pained grimace and after one last kiss, he plunges his dagger into the abdomen of his dying wife, careful to not go deep, he desperately tries to cut the child out. She feels little of the pain as her nerves have been fried by the lightning bolt. The rain continues to pour down and water begins to rise and flood the area. After a minute of work that feels like an eternity, he pulls the baby free of his mother, covered in blood and slightly burned but not moving. He severs the umbilical cord with the dagger and holds him, he activates the magic of the healing stone, the burns heal but still the baby doesn’t move, no breathing, no heartbeat. Anger and grief overtake his father now as he clutches the baby to his chest sobbing, his tears lost in the torrential downpour of this accursed night. Another flash of lightning lights the sky, illuminating his suffering and a peal of thunder drowns out his cries of anguish. He lays the baby into his mothers arms moments before her last breaths, her blood mixing with the mud and water. She looks upon her child and weakly smiles, mustering the last of her strength to be lucid in this final moment. “You would have been so beautiful, this cruel world never deserved you…Maximilian” She leans her head in to kiss his forehead, as she does a small spark jumps from her to him. This small shock wakes the baby up, making it breathe its first breaths. As her son cries out into the storm she goes still, a peaceful smile on her face. His father both relieved and heartbroken picks up his son, as he does, he is shocked by a strong burst of static electricity, he grits his teeth through the pain, looking down upon his son seeing the smallest little arcs of electricity dance along his son’s body for just a moment. His determination renewed, he grabs his son and makes his way to high ground carrying his son to safety from the flooding waters. He looks back for a moment seeing the flooding waters wash over and submerge his wife, a beautiful smile still across her face. In his heart he knew this was the day he and the gods buried her.
After making it to high ground he took shelter under a lone tree he barely spotted on the horizon, and fell unconscious, for how long he did not know. He was jolted awake some time later in the night by a thunderclap nearby that he was certain would wake the baby, but to his astonishment the baby slept peacefully even among the turbulence of the stormy night, almost as if the storm was calming to him. He fell back asleep with his son in his arms. The next morning the stormy skies were clear and he began to make his way back home with the baby. He wasn’t but a half days journey from the scene before he ran into his Father-In-Law Androse on horse back. Relief showed on Androse’s face but was immediately replaced by despair as he realized that his daughter was no where to be seen. This sadness only deepened when Max’s father hung his head low confirming Androse’s fear. Androse immediately gave his horse to Max’s father and continued on foot. Instructing him to ride back to town so that the baby may live. Androse solemnly walked off in the direction of his daughter’s watery grave, arcs of electricity dancing wildly around him, a reflection of the storm within. A few days later, Max’s mother was laid to rest and Androse was never the same again, he took a special if not fanatical interest in his grandson’s magical training after that, but secluded himself away from everyone else, even his son-in-law.

Max’s Home Town:

Max grew up in a stony cliff side port town known as Valderin. This peaceful port town is known for both its beautiful clear blue waters and its rich deposits of Copper and Topaz buried deep in the cliffs and in the deep undersea caverns nearby. Valderin has a rich and prosperous trade economy, trading gems, copper, and fish for lumber, wool, and wheat with nearby towns and offering shipping transport of trade goods from the nearest inland cities to hard to reach coastal towns and even a few that travel to other nearby continents. There is almost always a cool breeze rolling in from the sea, even more so in the higher parts of town. Severe thunderstorms and tumultuous seas are common place in Valderin and it produces some of the hardiest and well versed sailors in its part of the world. Things were not always this prosperous for the small port town, for a time a great and evil creature only known to the people as the Leviathan, terrorized trade ships killing sailors by the dozens. Until an adventuring party of heroes led by Androse McCloud arrived and slayed the great beast in a battle that is still sung by Port town Bards to this day. Androse became enamored with Valderin’s beauty and decided to retire here with one of his fellow adventurers that he later married. In the years to come the town grew and prospered into a well populated port town.

Max’s Family:

Max’s Grandfather Androse McCloud was an accomplished lightning mage, coming from a long line of well versed elemental sorcerers. He later joined an adventuring party seeking out his fortunes and a chance to test and grow his power. He had a prosperous career and after slaying the Leviathan, the people made him a noble. He then settled down in Valderin and married one of his fellow adventurers, Eliza; a beautiful woman and a skilled warrior. Together they gave birth to a single daughter named Elayna before she fell ill to an incurable deadly disease. Stricken with grief at his inability to save his wife, he redoubled his efforts in training his daughter in the ways of his family’s magic. She grew up and fell in love with a local militia man and blacksmith named Kaz Korvut and together they gave birth to Max. She died tragically during his birth, leaving him to be raised by his Father and Grandfather. Max’s father Kaz Korvut was a local blacksmith and an avid member of the militia. Kaz’s father Barbosa was one of the best sea captains in Valderin, he died at the hands of the Leviathan, but not before getting most of his crew to safety. Sending them off in sloops, he stayed behind with a small group of sailors to fight and distract the monster the best he could before being overwhelmed. He was hailed as a hero by the survivors, one of which was the local blacksmith named Horst returning home from a long trip. In gratitude to the Sea Captain’s sacrifice he took the young Kaz in and trained him both in trade and spear. Kaz became quite an accomplished smith and even discovered he had a slight spark of magic that allowed him to craft magical weapons. His father never showed any sort of magical talent before so this came as quite a shock to him. But his powers seemed only strong enough to enchant but not evoke any power beyond that. Elayna grew up under the direct tutelage of her father Androse, he taught her the ways of the family magecraft and in time she became an accomplished lightning mage in her own right, but she never quite mastered it, Androse pushed her to continue her studies but as she settled down she began to neglect them and her power began to fade. After Elayna’s death, Androse became extremely reclusive, and Kaz took over as the acting head of the McCloud noble house, choosing to adopt his wife’s name and title. The Korvut name is still honored by him, but behind closed doors and with people that knew his father, rather than openly. Max has no brothers and sisters.

Max’s Childhood:

Max’s childhood consisted of him training with both his father and grand father. He learned the forge and spear from Kaz and he learned how to master his magical talents from Androse. While working with his father, Max discovered that he too possesses the innate spark of magic that allowed him to enchant weapons, but this was in addition to him being able to evoke greater power. While training with his grandfather, Androse was astonished by the deep reserves of arcane power Max was able to draw on early in his training. Far more than any child his age should possess. He was truly a prodigy. Having survived his birth, something greater had awoken within him, a power that neither his Father or Grandfather truly understood. This was also made apparent in his physique, upon reaching puberty his muscles and physical aptitude improved in leaps and bounds, giving him results that should have taken him much longer to achieve with his divided schedule. This was not without a price it seemed though, his puberty was marred by wild swings in emotion, bursts of terrifying wrath, frustration, and angst. More than once Androse had to step in and either prevent or correct some arcane fiasco Max had wrought. As he grew older his powers became more and more difficult to control. He would find himself overcharging when he didn’t mean to and finite manipulation was completely out of the question. Androse, knew that if he did not intensify his training, Max may lose control of his power entirely, so from the age of 16 to 22, Max trained exclusively with Androse in mastering basic control of his growing wellspring of power. In this time he learned some of Androse’s best spells that were within the realm his ability. As he finished his training he learned from Androse that he had surpassed his mother, this was both a proud moment for him and a somber one. After which Androse went back to being a recluse, burying his nose in old scrolls and folk lore. Max spent the next two years using his powers to help defend the town from pirates, Orc tribes, and even once a few rampaging hill giants with the help of the Militia and a rare appearance from Androse.

The Prophecy:

One stormy night Androse had a terrible nightmare, in this nightmare he had a vision of the Leviathan returning stronger than ever from the deepest depths of the ocean with an army of lesser sea monsters. In this dream he witnessed Valderin begin to crumble into ruin as the monsters brought a tidal wave higher than the tallest cliffs to drown the town. Just as the wave was about to crash, a mysterious figure on the tallest cliff threw down a radiant Harpoon Spear that split the tidal wave asunder and slayed the Leviathan once more. Then the figure transformed into a great Storm Dragon, taking flight and diving off of the cliff towards the horde of sea monsters, its meteoric impact into the water below accompanied by a great thunderbolt that scatters the Leviathan army to the four corners of Telduin. The dragon then lands in front of Androse and takes him on his back, carrying him to a far away continent, one strange and unfamiliar to him. There laying upon a blacksmith’s anvil is the radiant Harpoon Spear, freshly forged. Androse jolted awake in a cold sweat. After some research and divination magic, he determines this dream to be prophetic, perhaps not exact or directly literal, but there is a great threat that will soon be upon Valderin, and there is something of great power on a far exotic continent that will help avert this crisis. Something that will need to be forged. As for the Dragon, he has no idea what its presence in the dream means. After some discussion, Max volunteers to find whatever this prophecy is asking for, his father Kaz is the only other Blacksmith in town and he is too old to go on such a dangerous journey, and Androse while powerful is not a smith, nor would his absence from Valderin go unnoticed by our enemies, making Max the best and only option. So with that Max makes his way with some coin from his town and family to the new continent.

Max’s Personality:

Max’s personality is a storm of different emotions, his mind and soul constantly being pulled in many different directions. When he is happy, his voice and actions can be as gentle as a cool afternoon breeze, invoke his wrath however and even the the darkest thunderhead clouds will pale in comparison. Even among the throes of wrath, he can sometimes part the clouds and think clearly if the need arises, but it just as the eye of a hurricane is short lived, so is his patience once his anger is provoked. All other aspects of his personality can be as fickle as the wind, one moment he may favor the gentle rain drops of well meaning kind words and another he may opt for thunderous intimidation. At his core though, he is a kind, well meaning soul, caught in the eye of a storm of many other conflicting emotions and primal energies, which make him come off as eccentric at times. Having grown up with sailors, miners, and dock workers, he always has had a deep rooted respect of the common man’s plight, reflected in his choice of simpler weapons.

Maximilian McCloud

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