Abstruse Lore Gem


This oval violet gem is flat on one side, with swirling runes and arcane formula swirling through. It seems to perfect fit to rest in one’s eye-socket.

A abstruse lore gem grants the bearer a +2 competence bonus on all Knowledge checks, though this requires a full round action to gain the benefit. This is a continuous effect. In addition, an arcane caster may place and record up to 30 spells inside the gem, either from another caster, scroll, or his own spell knowledge. The bearer may draw upon the spells stored in the gem when they cast as if they knew the actual spell themselves. They may also ‘spend’ the spell stored in the gem as if it were a scroll or other spell-completion item, but doing so burns up the spell and removes it’s knowledge from the gem. Casting a spell into it from a scroll or other magic item uses up the item as normal. This does not grant the bearer the ability to cast spells they are otherwise incapable of casting, either through school or source of magic.


Abstruse Lore Gem

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