The Sunsword

weapon (melee)

The Sunsword is a bastard sword whose blade is formed
of crystal glassteel, while the hilt and guard are forged of


The Sunsword is a unique blade that once opposed Strahd;its
power was the power of Light, and Strahd feared it, though its
whereabouts have long since passed from general knowledge.

The Sunsword is a unique blade that possesses powers
accessible through a special bonding ritual. Once the powers
were awakened, only the wielder bonded to the blade could
call upon the abilities inherent to the weapon, abilities most
suited to destroying undead.

Fearing the blade’s power, Strahd employed a powerful
magician to destroy the Sunsword. The first part of the process
required the hilt and the blade be separated, then destroyed
simultaneously. When the blade was separated from the hilt,
the blade took on the appearance of a normal long sword.
However, before the hilt and blade were destroyed, the wizard’s
assistant Gabriela stole the blade and fled Barovia.
Gabriela’s noble flight was successful in that she saved the
unattached blade from destruction; however, she didn’t succeed
in fleeing Barovia before some nameless menace beneath
the dark boughs claimed her. Though Gabriela’s body was
later found in the woods, not so the hilt or the blade of the
Since the assistant’s treachery, Strahd
has lived in fear that the blade might be found. A special
ceremony is needed to fashion a new hilt. A character can
undertake the bonding ritual only after succeeding on this

The sword had been claimed and bonded to Julianah Gray

The Sunsword

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