Fate Comes to Call

Sea Hags to the South of us Pirates to the West...
Here I am, stuck in a boat again with you...

Gentle reader, there is a myth and legend that persists throughout the ages of a God of Lightning and Thunder who has harnessed the powers of the storm clouds themselves. Usually he is portrayed as a man, but female deities have appeared several times throughout our written histories. Who and what this God or Goddess is differs with each retelling of the tale and who is telling it, but the power to control the storm tossed clouds above the world remains always the same.

Why the words spent on a little known God that has never been fully sanctioned in any pantheon of Deities throughout our written histories? Why mention such a man whose name has been ever fully agreed upon? Raiden, Rayden, Adad, Cocijo, K’awiil, the list continues down through the years. Why would I use valuable journal space for this?

The answer gentle reader lies in the display of power that I have seen displayed by our newest member of our adventuring company this day. You may think that I exaggerate this claim to increase interest in journal sales, but if you had seen the true display of elemental power that I have witnessed this night, you would agree with me in its destructive potential.

How did I see such a performance you ask? Good question. My companions and I seem to be under the effect of the double eagles curse even now many weeks later. If there is something out there like a sea hag looking for tribute or even close by that wishes to engage in some river piracy like the scoundrels who tried to raid our ship yesterday we always seem to find it. Usually with very little or no warning. (I should speak with the Captain of our vessel about getting more experienced lookouts)

A small but well trained cadre of scallywags jumped us this time. They employed ballista to good effect, stopping our (Brand new!) ships forward progress. I later found out that the mages in their employ knocked out our companions on the deck at the moment of the attack. Very well trained indeed, we will need to plan ahead for such things in the future it seems.

At any rate, my fellow travelers and I were desperately trying to fend off this raid when Huracan brought his wrath upon out enemies. He asked the clear night sky for lightning, and his fellow Gods answered his cries for assistance. Perun smote the chain leading to the other ballista to block our path and it too was smote with a spear of radiant energy from the heavens.

Tauhirimea paid the price for this power. By all the gods i swear to you that he did. But by the virtue of his deific grace he walks amongst us still. Now I will have to see if I can get this old God of legend to admit that he has taken on a human guise to aid us in our quest.

Back in the saddle again
Erh, i mean back on the deck i guess

Ah, back to our grand adventure. I enjoyed our pause, it allowed me time to sit, scribe, experiment with my powers, research and other activities. Unfourtanetly most of this was related to our mission and I was determined to cram as much in as I could. Beside relaxing and taking it easy, as I’m sure some of my other companions did, I spent nearly every night slaving away. Long hours of work, wether it was in the library researching, in a church preparing the dead and improving relashions, in my room scribing my fingers to the bone, or in a morgue performing… Mutually beneficial activities. I may have actually gotten less sleep during this supposed downtime than I would have out on the road. But before I knew it the two weeks were done, despite it feeling as if the two weeks were a much longer period of time. Actually that is rather odd, it fees as if the time was super fast as if it was skipped over and only the base details were present but also as if it took an extended period of time, hmm, but I digress.
By the end of the two week I was actually somewhat relieved to be in the company of my comanions again, I spent more time among the dead than the living in our break so it felt good to be in others company. One of the first things addressed was where we were going. I of course had researched the topic and was prepared to speak but paused to see if any others would speak, if it turned out I was the only one to have knowledge it may have been a useful way to further my position in others view. Another person did speak though, which didn’t surprise me too much but their identity did, it was jolias. I had expected Antonio, or perhaps julinah to do so, but not our drunken poor forsight priest.
When we were climbing aboard the ship I had a tinge of disappointment. I had the opportunity to smuggle some undead aboard previously but decided against it in favor of maintaning relations and not horrifying the crew. I do not regret this decision but I would feel more secure in our quest if I had some. Hopefully when we get to the forest and away from civilization I can get a few corpses of the beasts we are bound to fight. Again I allow myself to wander off topic
As we were sailing I decided to try to work on being more dexterous, tripping over your own feet when a wild beast is barring down on you is not pleasurable, I would know. I spent a day attempting to balance as large waves crashed into our ship and held my balance fairly well but it’s clear it still not my strong point. The following days I gathered some bread and sent femur to the air, I practiced throwing peices in front of him, this had the added benefit of allowing him to stretch his wings and eat along with my training. At one point the new guy asked to try, i forget his name, I was hesitant at first but there was no harm so I said sure. In ahead of throwing a price he formed it into a row and used magic to launch it into the air.
Eventually luck caught up to us and enemies emerged from the water, I later learned they were water elemental. At first glance they are just solid water so I wracked my brain on how to fight them and decided to just attempt to instill fear into them. Sadly despite my great placment both of the targets seemed immune, but I could’ve sworn that the air reacted as it swirled and swept away from the ship. Oddly enough Antonio then announced that the water creatures were weak to fire, an odd weakness for them. The captain quickly shouted that he would have no fire on deck however. Soon after the fighting started to go in our favor a giant wind vortex formed and headed towards our ship, it even appeared to have a face occasionally. I hoped it was there to fight the water elements in a territory dispute or something but no such luck. Seeing the wind sweep two people into the air I quickly retreat and jumped down the stairs. This granted me a roof to prevent such a date for myself but the grate allowed me vision for spells, a brilliant tactical decision if I say so myself. The new member somehow freed himself from the air by splitting the air into to smaller creatures which we then destroyed. From his performance I think there may be great potential in him. When our victory seemed assured a haggered woman appeared over the water to scream at us, her screams were so powerful it actually caused the heads to some of our crew to explode, This is when I realized we must be near the three sisters rock. Once the fight was done I surveyed the area and with a heavy heart viewed the damage to our until very recently brand new and in perfect condition ship. Thinking everybody else would find the task incredibly unpleasant I then set myself to stabbing up the blood and other remains of the two crew whose head were mush.

Boats and Bad Luck: Elemental Destruction
Is it me or do boats just attract bad luck?

Jolias, here. We have departed towards Gonost to follow the criminals who defiled the temple to get their hands on some sort of scroll. Since Dakras and I were the only ones to study where the villains’s destination was, we have sailed from Fiveport. The first couple of days were calm. Things were fine. Until the fourth day came, when a storm was brewing. Waves crashing and winds were hollering. It was so loud that it disrupted my prayer sessions a couple of times. I managed to get some insight from the Austere Lady and warned the captain that we were treading in dangerous waters. How close that outcome was as the water manifested in a humanoid body and the hollering winds became actual screaming winds with a sentient mind. Luckily, my companions and I fended off the elements themselves, while some sailors received some casualties. Even my sister Juliana fell off the boat at one point during the battle. The battle ended with one of the Three Sisters shouting out at us. Finally, we’ve seen a familiar land. When we docked, we let the sailors rest. But I couldn’t help wondering if these sailors knew what they were in for? The atrocities that occurred during that short battle were horrendous ranging from someone being pinned to the mast of the ship by their heads to one of the sailor’s heads exploding. May the Austere Lady protect them. For their are much more foul things on both land and sea.

A slightly waterlogged journal
Definitive proof that the ocean hates us

Why is it that every time I get on a boat that something tries to kill me?

The first time I ever set foot on a ship was as a member of the Silver Swords. Assassins attacked and Erik managed to blow up one of the masts with a fireball. I thought that was a coincidence. Then, when I signed on to travel to Siendart, a hurricane hit the ship. Immediately after joining with my current allies, we ended up in another storm, after which we were attacked by sea slimes, and of course there was the later troubles with the Double Eagle and an actual cursed ship full of undead! It’s not just me either— appareantly my allies had some sort of encounter with people made of seaweed, judging by their talk.

But now, after mere days on the water again, we are attacked by actual animate water! Some damned hag decided that we were trespassing on her ocean and called forth wind and water to try and slay us. Now, I feel almost prophetic for crafting my new club— it came in use against these monsters. However, our newest member has quite proved himself. After learning of his ability to call down lightning, I began to carve a charm for him, and he certainly earned it in the fight as he called down lightning to blast at our foes and called the wind to split the living storm that had swallowed us in half— in some ways he reminds me of a more precise version of Erik. Except he considers fire inelegant, which is something Eric wold not agree with. I do not miss the singed eyebrows from the time I spent with him. I don’t regret giving him some of my Javelins, though I may advise that he purchase some of his own on our next stop— bone is a fickle material, and I have had to tune my fighting style to not damage it overmuch.

But anyways. Clearly, the ocean itself hates us. Did we anger a god? Probably. That seems like something this group would do. I’ll need to talk to Jolias to see if there’s anything we can do.

Searching for the Narwhal

Gentle reader, I now know why there are no epic tales told of an adventuring companies downtime. It is because it is a rather boring affair of translating scrolls, sharpening weapons, and gathering supplies for the next epic quest.

Nothing ever truly momentous happens during this period. Of course a momentous event could begin during downtime, but as for the ending of such a quest, well that requires going boldly forth and oftentimes dying horribly. Be that as it may, my companions and I spent two weeks readying for the newest chapter of our tale. I will not bore you with the details of our recess gentle reader, but suffice it to say that ale was consumed, songs were written, and blades were sharpened during this interlude.

After this rather refreshing pause, we set sail once more to preform a task for a local temple. This time at least we were not troubled by foul tempered birds, (of Duck or double eagle variety) however we now have new enemies to plague our travels.

The mistress controlling these ones was a long lost “friend”. One of the three sisters that disrupt shipping around Gonost. According to our Captain, she was a bit miffed about not receiving tribute to cross her waters (again). These hags really require a sound thrashing. Their malignant Evil should be purged from the local area. It’s a shame there is no official bounty on these foul creatures.

The elementals attacked our brand new ship in what became a true “trial by fire”. They were fierce opponents. but they fell to our freshly sharpened blades. The only real oddity of note was this particular hags attempt to sing, a vile attempt at a song that assaulted everyone’s eardrums. The resulting “music” was so horrible that our usually stalwart holy warrior dove into the chilly waters of the Dunsul sea to find a Narwhal to protect us. Fortunately for her I was able to convince one of the stronger party members to throw her a rope before we left her behind in the ships wake.

The search for the sea unicorn was sadly unsuccessful.

An End to One Chapter...
...and the beginning to another.

End-Book One

Ah yes, here we come to the close of the first chapter in our adventure. You all have had some wonderful time to play, develop characters, explore the world, try out a new system, and develop some relationships (p.s. the explorer banged the baroness).

Herein below, contains a simple summary of all that has transpired up to this point, without spoiling or meta-game information, for reference and refreshing memories in the future.

“Our fresh-faced adventurers have sailed the better part of a year across the Dunsul Sea to the new world of Siendart, for reasons wide and varied, but all their own. Hired and bound by one Sir Hogthurpe in exchange for passage, their travel held much excitement. Fending off coastal pirates not long after they left the safe port in the Old World, they fended off a number of dangers in their journey, from sea monsters to ocean nomads, even narrowly avoiding a massive storm stretching farther than the eye could see, a hurricane! Solidifying their bond and honing their skills and teamwork, their arrival to the new world was no less exciting.

Upon arrival at Five Port, the group was targeted by pickpockets, who thankfully were caught thanks to sharp eyes amongst them. Afterwards the news that came was even more dour. It seems that the guild who had struck agreement for the party’s employer…was no more. In the time it had taken the group to arrive in the new world, the guild had gone under. Apparently a not uncommon occurrence with the wild nature and risks of the new world. Finding a place to secure and store their valued wares, they pondered their

At a loss, the party found their way to The Wicker Goat, a moderate inn with fair prices and drink, to determine the next course of action. After making some inquiries and careful information, the group found a large guild in the city willing to buy most of the goods Hogthurpe had procured. During this, it was impossible not to notice something was occurring in town.


Dark, thick smoke was billowing out from the warehouse district the group had arrived from not a day or two before. Of divided mind, some of the group split off to investigate, others chose to remain behind at the inn.

Those that arrived at the warehouses found a scene of chaos. A burning blaze was engulfing one of the smaller warehouses, and spreading to the others. A water line was formed through the thick smoke to fight the fire, until figures charged out of the smoke and haze…thieves and bandits!

Facing the new threat, those of the party that had gone to the fire fought, but were unable to stop all of the assailants from fleeing, and took quite a beating themselves in the process. Finally, with no other assailants or targets in sight, and the fire finally down under control, the party limped back to regroup and lick their wounds.

Back at The Wicker Goat, words and disagreements were had as well as the structure of employment up to this point. However, the group was joined by a stranger introducing himself as ‘Red’ with an uncomfortably intimate amount of knowledge about everyone. Offering a seemingly too-good-to-be-true deal, he informed the party that they would have a request made to them; they only needed to take it and he would reward them on top of any compensation they received.

As it turned out, the stranger’s words proved to be true, for the next day, the guild Sáraigh, who had purchased the wares brought over by the group, made a request of a delicate political nature, to retrieve the stolen signet ring of a powerful local noble. Striking some agreeable terms, the party set out on a ship, The Swift Sparrow and her Captain Harroway, with whom travel arrangements had been made with. The ship was true to her name, and made incredible time sailing north to Gonost, the largest standing city in all of the new world, despite having fought strange shambling men seemingly made of seaweed and a vicious sea serpent as they sailed through the supposed territory of The Three Sisters.

Not given time to dawdle long upon arrival, much less sight-see, horses were procured for the adventurers, who rode long and hard north into the Timberway Ridge region in haste to stay hot on the trail of the thief who had taken the noble’s ring. After taking a half-day to recover in the small hamlet they had been directed to, they set out north-west towards a hunting lodge in an area known as Bluerock crest where the thief had apparently joined up with a hunting party. After traveling and navigating through the harsh wilderness, they found the cabin as well as the the thief…less than than human, and the hunting party deceased. Retrieving the ring from the mad robber, the party found themselves lost and stalked by a creature of evil.

The party managed to slay the creature, found that a terrible curse had been bestowed on them, slowly twisting their minds and bodies into the same kind of creature that had nearly killed them! Doing their best to return to civilization in attempts to slow or remove the curse befallen them, they found themselves growing more and more lost in the expansive woods.

Fortune did seem to fall upon them, as a lady and her beastly companion intercepted them, seemingly guardians of these woods, sizing up the intruding party upon their domain. Quick thinking and quick words to the fey-like woman earned them some sympathy towards their plight, and somehow found themselves stumbling out of the woods into the hamlet they had left almost two weeks prior.

Informing the elder of the village of what had befallen their hunting party and securing their horses and other belongings that they had left behind, they went to hurry back to Gonost, only to find fortune literally at the crossroads. A gypsy caravan had circled wagons there, and in their camp Antonio was able to talk and negotiate with the caravan leader, who removed the curse laid upon them in exchange for small payment from each of them. All acquiesced, and the supernatural changes and hunger gnawing at them vanished. During their stay, Hogthurpe wandered off into the woods, where there was a brilliant display of lightning in the clear evening sky, and vanished, only a small crater of glass where he once stood.

At a loss for direction with their merchant commander gone, the party decided to return to Gonost to meet up with the guild contact and finish the task given to them. They met up with another like minded individual, with more skill and talent than the average commoner, and took him on to fill the current gap in their numbers with Hogthurpe gone.

Decided to take advantage of their location while waiting on the guild contact, they explored a small sliver of Gonost, seeing what the outmost ring of the city had to offer, even going on a tour of the underpinnings of the massive dwarven constructions, seeing wondrous feats of magic and architecture that defied explanations deep beneath the foundations.

Luck being the fickle mistress she is, some members of the party ran afoul of certain undesirables in the city, and decided to set sail back to Five Port to complete their current quest. Securing passage back with a half-orc Captainess Belva on her ship, the ‘Screaming Gull’, Gonost was soon behind them.

And luck fell further from their side as they journeyed. A strange birdlike creature with two heads perched high up in the crows nest, a misfortune seemed to befall everyone on the ship. Everything that could go wrong, from dice games to breaking bones to spoiled food, did, while the ship played unwilling host to the nonchalant eagle.

The bad luck came to a head as the ship was attacked by a ghostly ship, killing several of the crew and wounding a good many, party included. But it seems the bad luck had run it’s course, for during the battle the eagle screeched and took flight, circling the ship twice before disappearing into the fog. All at once, it seemed no one could do no wrong. Blows in the fight that should have missed found chinks in armor, and the ship’s unearthly crew was soon defeated. They were even so lucky as to retrieve a chest teeming with treasure, though the Captain and her crew wouldn’t have so much as a copper from it.

Luck continued to grace them, for as the fog cleared from the battle and sightings were taken, it seemed the ship was not even a day’s travel from Hammer Point, a cliff-side cove where the ship could dock for some much needed repairs and supplies. Making good time there, they sailed through the concealed entrance in the mallet-shaped cliff point, and found safe harbor at last.

While there was a variety of intrigue and happenings going on in Hammer Point, some fallout happened between the party members when the Jolias fell dead from sampling a poisonous and hallucinogenic oyster at the direction of the alchemist. Though Jolias was revived, it drove a wedge between the party members.

Letting cooler heads prevail and goodness of heart, the party agreed to let the alchemist rejoin them, before setting sail again for Five Port. It seemed not all was well however, as a dark blot appeared on the horizon, which as they sailed forward turned out to be a sickly bank of black smoke. Changing course seemed to do no good, and the ship was swiftly swallowed. In the dim light, they came to realize they were the only ones left aboard, till with a lurch it ran aground on a small island in the middle of the smog. Given no respite, the ship seemed to rot and fall apart, leaving them no choice but to leap over into the sand.

Barren save for some stone and a single burning torch, they discovered a maze-like dungeon below, home to a powerful, if eccentric undead, seemingly amused at the party’s arrival and exploration below. Making their way through with difficulty, they discovered at the end of the maze lay demonic creatures, a mysterious figure that vanished as soon as the party entered…and the alchemist, having betrayed the party and led them to this trap!

Struggling for their lives, the party narrowly defeated their foes as the alchemist and his new-found allies escaped, and with it, the party found themselves standing on the shore near where their vessel had been swallowed up by the smoke. Giving a parting offering for the ship and it’s crew, they set their sights towards trekking back to Five Port.

Running dangerously low on supplies, the found themselves stumbling across an orcish camp still days out from Five Port, settled in on an oasis. Making peace, they were invited into the camp under the protection of one of their hunters, and secured provisions, some supplies, and a few horses of orcish breed, intimidating in stature and temperament. They discovered the orcs had a wide variety of trinkets and plunder from fights, raids and trading, and exchanged goods to acquire some, including a strange gem and elvish sword.

After a night of drinking and celebration at the departure of some of the tribe’s prize steeds, the party had a friendly race back to Five Port. Upon arrival and taking some much needed rest, they returned the ring to the guild, much to everyone’s relief. Assuring the party that they had been quite successful, they informed them their reward would be delivered and that the noble himself was throwing a party in their name as personal thanks.

After leaving, the stranger ‘Red’ congratulated them on their success in a surprisingly empty area of the busy merchant isle, delivered his reward as promised, with a promise that he would be seeing them soon for more tasks in their future.

Putting it aside, the party took some time to rest and prepare for the Lord Eirwright’s feast in their honor, with the assistance of a footman retainer. The actual dinner was wonderful, a feast with delicacies and drink that they’d barely heard of, much less tasted in their lives. Music and entertainment, as well as some interesting sport with crossbows and game. Some of the party mingled with other guests of nobility and standing, and found a new, promising member that they added tentatively to their group. The lord of the manor saved the best for last, revealing that the largest part of the reward he had in store for the party was a newly built ship from his fleet, and the crew’s wages paid for in full for three months! A generous gift to be sure, the party celebrated the rest of the evening, rubbing shoulders with the guests there before most of them making their way back to their inn, the explorer having left with the baroness.

They did run into a small patrol of guards, seemingly injured while pursuing a thief, whom they helped by healing their injuries. The guards thanked them, and continued hurriedly on their mission, while the party made their way back to bed and fell asleep…

…only to be woken in the wee hours of the morning by alarms and shouts echoing all about the town. Hungover, they hastily grabbed arms and armament and rushed to the commotion, to discover a ghastly scene; the Temple of Soldral had been attacked in the night! Rushing to aid the injured and survivors, they came to discover that a stealth attack had been launched before turning into a full-blown skirmish. They had been repelled finally by the High Incantator, fleeing about town to boats, to the party’s horror as they heard some of them had disguised themselves as town guard to flee. The boats had made haste for the north, the lead one an elven wingship bearing both their leader, a wild looking woman who the only name they were able to wring from the surviving attackers was ‘Caira’, and a familiar silhouette of their former comrade the alchemist…

Stranger still, it seems the attack on the temple was related to the assault a month or so earlier on the warehouses. The main force had been a distraction while a smaller group broke into the hidden library housed beneath the building, and copied a manuscript of seemingly inconsequential nature. Taking some time in the days that followed to decipher it, it was a book that referenced and old elven outpost deep in the woods of south Mith Taure, referencing something about an old repository there.

Between pursuing the tome and the request of the head priest of the temple, the group began preparations to set sail in their newly acquired ship in pusuit. What befalls them next…well, that is a tale for another time…

The invitation
Double entendre

Gentle reader, the first and most richest man in all of Five Ports really does know how to throw a fete. Even for the small, mostly private party that was thrown to celebrate our successful mission, no expense was spared to thank us. I must admit, I could get used to being treated like royalty every day like this, but my heritage would never allow me to keep the majority of the wealth I saw on display that night.

And what a night it was! I managed to convey some small tips on etiquette to my companions on the carriage ride over to the estate of our benefactor. This seemed to help them get through the dinner with almost no noticeable social gaffs. Without the Duck around to stir up trouble, my companions seem much better suited to the social graces these days, although I do wonder how our merchant commander friend would have handled this function.

There was some friendly small talk with the other guests before the entertainment started. Our priest managed to be extremely skillful with the custom crossbows provided to us by the Lord of the manor. I’m not sure if that was true skill or if he found out through communing with his Goddess that alcohol was to be the prize for shooting so well. Whatever the reason, his skill with the weapon was exemplary.

Dinner was fantastic. Even though I led the way in conversation during the pauses between courses, my companions acquitted themselves very well. I doubt they would want to go to another social function like this anytime soon, but they did a great job of showing that they could handle complex social situations.

After dinner, we got to see the last of our rewards from our employers. The merchant commander who formerly led us negotiated quite well on our behalf it seems. The ship that we have been given is small, but quite sea worthy. I have no sense of ship related things sadly, but the priest and his sister do and they pronounced our reward quite worthy of our acceptance.

One strange thing happened at this time. It seems one of our dinner guests has just arrived from the old world and rather than continue on with what must be a well to do trading Captain (considering he was a guest at this soirre) the man approached us for employment! Seeing as how turning a guest of the Lord down completely would have been a major social faux pas, we allowed the man to tag along with us for the remainder of the evening. He went out of his way to showcase his magical talent and seafaring abilities. I will admit that we may need help in both of these areas sooner rather than later.
Gentle reader, I do hope this man is a better candidate than the “Dave” character that the priest tried to impress upon us. I deperately do not need to see any more men wearing nothing but a corset after an entire night of drinking.

With the last of our business behind us, the Lord of the estate left us all to enjoy some light entertainment and aperitifs. There were several Dukes and a Duchess present at the festivities and both the priest and I spent time socializing in an attempt to find financing to afford what soon will no doubt be an extremely costly reward.

All in all it was a great and profitable night with many a happy ending for everyone involved.

There and back again
An Explorers holiday

Gentle reader, starting from our seaside landing point from our alchemists treachery, we decided to stick to the coastline all the way to five ports. This proved to be a poor decision, as that stretch of coastline is inhabited by a number of ill tempered sand giants.

Wisely turning into the grasslands, we soon found out that we had another problem. While we had enough food to last us for our journey, we were running desperately short on water. Resolving to address this matter as quickly as we could, we made locating a water source our top priority. Here we ran into conflict with our undertaker friend who suggested a most… unorthodox method of obtaining horses. I was glad to see everyone else agree not to use this approach, however the thought occurs to me that continually denying peoples ideas (even if personally abhorrent) may have been the “final straw” that turned the alchemist against us. sigh
It may turn out in the future that we may have to comply with one of these “unusual” requests for the sake of party harmony.

For now though, we continued our travel along the edge of the grasslands. The weather held up and favored us really well in our travels, but the nights were getting colder and longer on our journey. It seems that the cold winds of winter will be amongst us all too soon. The watches we set reported a few odd disturbances during the nights we made camp, but thankfully nothing troubled the wards I set each evening.

Continuing on we did end up finding water. That water however was found in the midst of an Orc camp. One of their patrols spotted our all too obvious trek towards their compound and we were soon accosted by the guards. I must confess at this point that I spent a number of years in my youth reading about and studying the Orcs. There are still feared (and rightly so) in the old world, but their numbers are few and isolated into the various mountainous regions of the old country. The power, ferocity, and strength of their legions was legendary. Having met just a small tribe of them now I can see why they were able to push humanity to the brink of extinction in the old tales. They are exquisite physical specimens who are always certain of their ability to strike you down where you stand if you offend them. I can never thank the captain of our sailing vessel enough for teaching me the Orc language during our journey, it proved an invaluable aid in our negotiations.

For as it turns out, I was the only one able to speak their language. While the Orcs looked down upon our physical weakness, they had no issues trading with us for many things including water. My companions and I are not the best of bargainers, but we ended up with several items that hopefully will prove of use to us. The best negotiation and by far the most important did not turn out to be water however. it turned out to be horses. I confess to not hearing many tales of Orcish mounts but I think the reason for that is the sheer majesty of these animals. Words cannot simply do these exotic animals justice. Why the Orc chieftain was willing to part with these animals remains a mystery to me at this time but we all benefited from the negotiation for their sale.

After a night of watching the priest get intoxicated yet again, we set out on horseback the next day for five ports. The idea of a race was suggested, and I think the holy warriors mount was just a little to eager to prove his superiority against our new mounts. I never knew that such divine creatures could submit to petty jealousy but you learn new things every day I suppose. Except for a minor setback with some plains lions on our journey, the return to five ports was swift and graceful after that.

Now we have returned to five ports full of tales to tell and experiences to share. Our contact at the guild here in town was overjoyed to see us and announced that a feast would be held in our honor with one of the most powerful and influential men in five ports. I hope my companions can keep their elbows out of the gravy tray. I’m afraid I don’t have the time for proper etiquette lessons for everyone.

No matter. Fate will dictate what happens tonight. May the gods have mercy on us all.

Severe contrasts

These last few days have once again been quite interesting. we found we were quickly running out of water and set to finding a safe drinking spot, unfortunately once we got there it was an orcish camp. Antonio set about speaking to them and was able to secure us a safe spot to refill and sleep. While we were buying water she gave us a small keg of spirits, Jolias immediately drank an entire cup and nearly passed out where he stood, axe followed suit but to a lesser degree. I myself decided to taste it but knowing my constitution I took the smallest sip i could while still seeming polite. Even this set me into a semi drunken mindset. Following this we browsed the rest of her wares, a great deal of arms and armors were presented, likely taken from the bodies of those they killed for the most part, but who am i to judge? There was a elvish sword that julianah bought that was able to bend nearly in a full circle without damage. A few other items were bought and I ended up buying an interesting cloth armor that had some kind of spiral weave. Hopefully once I have it adjusted it will help prevent me from being nearly killed in every other fight we get ourselves into. The prices were so low on everything I had half a mind to buy as much as I could afford and sell it in Five ports. This would have been a hassle however as I would have to figure out how to transport it, explain the plan to the others, arrange buyers, and circumvent any suspicion on where I gained it all. In the end I bought myself a gem i could use later as i continue my progress in necromantic spells, and a small silver chain I gave to Femur as he has been doing us many favors with scouting, of course he probably enjoys flying about and just complains to complain.
The main purchase of the night however was when Antonio was able to convince the chief to let us buy two of their horses. These beast were massive, larger than any other i have seen and able to carry three of us with no problem. Unfortunately these giant horses came with a giant price. we ended up paying hundreds of gold for the pair. That night there was a huge feast to celebrate the transfer of ownership. Nearly everybody else got too drunk to function but I was able to fake my way through it, everytime one of our hosts came for a round of drink I would tip mine back, take one mouthful and allow them to chug away while none the wiser. It was an enjoyable time but we made off the next day. After a time Juliana summoned her mount and a race was suggested, this is how we discovered the damn thing can teleport as the race started they dashed forward, became enveloped in a bright flame and then was at the end.
Upon our arrival to five ports we slept and made our way to the guild. They were glad to receive us, told us our reward would be sent to us soon and that the noble we helped had declared he would have us for a feast himself. we were told this is incredibly rare and that we would be dressed and made up as much as possible to hopefully reflect the guild well. As we left Red appeared behind us clapping, he essentially told us if we continue with his jobs we will both continue prospering, the street we were on was completely void, the stalls untended, no beggars, nothing. I am slightly unsettled by this man and his capabilities. shortly after arriving to the inn a carriage arrived and had us taken to a shop to have us all prepared just in time to arrive to the party. I am unsure what awaits us but it will certainly be extravagant. I have a extremely limited experience with this type of thing so hopefully i am able to fit in.

Dream a little dream of me...

Gentle reader, I had thought that I would need words, bindings and rituals to gain the audience with my chose deity I had been seeking. Instead, all I needed to do was dream. For the traveling people there is no more powerful omen than a dream of home. We have no home, so dreaming of the place where my people live at the end of all roads in peace and harmony are deeply symbolic and moving experiences. Great tidings of fortune for good or ill always ride on the back of a dream of home.

My dream was no different. I was there. I walked the streets, talked to my brothers and sisters, held children, talked and laughed and sang. My chosen deity may not be a kind one with mugs of everfull ale and sweetbreads, but the dream of home is such a perfect moment of being that it can be hard to believe that is comes from this God.
Until one awakens.
The realization that you have returned to this world of bigotry, contempt and hostility is almost physically painful. To be ripped away from a dance or a song or a story of such perfection is draining on the body, mind, and soul.

Perhaps that is why it took me so long to notice my mark. Great tidings indeed ride upon the back of a dream of home. For good or ill? That I confess I do not know. I am marked. There is no question now of who I follow. The question remains. How and why do the Gods favor or curse us as they do? And for what purpose?

Hopefully when we return to five ports we can find some of our answers there.


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