Continent of Siendart

The Sigil of Siendart


Ah, Siendart. The land of adventure, the new, the unexplored, and the unknown. It is a small continent to the west of the Great Isles. Discovered not barely a hundred years ago, it has only more recently been settled in the last half-century or so. It is a virtual goldmine of resources, unexplored ruins, and unsettled land…though it is far, far from uninhabited. A great many races dot these strange lands, most of them the common races, though some more exotic humanoids have been seen from times to time. A great many of the common races have come from across the Dunsil Sea, though some do hail from the continent.

The majority of established, large towns and cities lie along the coast and near the major waterways. There exist a few cities so large as to be called a metropolis…but they are but a very small number, build and extended on pre-existing ruins and cities.

Siendart itself possesses a bizarre range of extreme climates, ranging from bitter frozen tundra and mountains to the north, blazing barren deserts to the south, temperate forests, plains, grasslands, marsh and swamps, and almost everything in between. No one has been able to explain this extreme range to date.

Politically, there is no ruling power or heirarchy that governs the land. People band together for security, and various power groups and fiefdoms can be found, though at the end of the day, they are only enforced by those powerful enough to do so.

Continent of Siendart

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