Fate Points and Blue Chips

Fate Points

  • Fate Points represent the universe lining up in your favor. Things go just a little bit better, luck seems to be on your side more often…and sometimes fate itself intervenes to save your sorry ass.
  • 1:1 Ratio – Fate Points (FP) give you a global bonus to saves, skills, attacks, and most general rolls and checks. The bonus is equal to your number of fate points. If you have 3 FP, you get +3 to most of your checks and rolls.
  • They may be spend to avoid death, lessen or avoid a crippling injury, or alter or reroll a check. Sometimes, you may not have a choice whether or not you can or cannot spend a Fate Point; fate is fickle like that.
  • While they can be earned, they are only given to PC’s through effort and daring. Io and the universe does not idly intervene on everyone’s behalf.
  • Fate Points can be earned by cashing in Blue Chips. See below.

Blue Chips

  • Blue Chips are rewards given to players at DM discretion, for good roleplay, ideas, comments, or any other appropriate action.
  • Blue Chips are worth, individually, double the number of Fate Points your character currently possesses.
  • Blue Chips may be spent to give a bonus to an attack roll, save, skill check, or any other applicable situation.
  • Blue Chips can not be spend in excess of 1/2 your FP total, rounded down, minimum 1.
  • Other players may spend their own Blue Chips to aid and assist you, at a 5:1 ratio, with the same spending limitation.
  • Blue Chips can be turned in and redeemed for 1 Fate Point at a 25:1 ratio, 25 Blue Chips for 1 Fate Point.

Fate Points and Blue Chips

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