First off, welcome everyone, and thanks for playing!

We will be playing in a custom system I’ve pieced together. Some of it will be familiar in feel, some of it is new to others. I’ve taken bits and pieces of different systems (Including Mr. Bennett) as well as ideas I’ve had and cobbled them all together into it’s current form. It may need tweaking and adjusting as we go along, but it is more or less finished. I’m always open to suggestions as to how something can be adjusted or done better, so please let me know. I love a blend of ‘realism’ and believability mixed with fantasy and imagination. I aim for everyone to get immersed and caught up in the game and story.

As far as rules, mechanics, they are there to help move things along and determine outcomes. I never try to make anything cumbersome and aim for streamlining. If it doesn’t add something to the game, or slows it down, I don’t want it. I try to make sure rolls and combat can move along smoothly so individual turns don’t take a dragon’s age.

More importantly,


At the end of the day, the story, plot, intrigue matter far more than a rule or mechanic. If you want to try something, no matter how daring or surprising, do it. You may succeed. You may not. You’ll not regret trying so either way, I promise that. Rules help guide the game and actions, but the ‘Rule of Cool’ will definitely toss mechanics out the window if appropriate.

And with that, forward.

Ever forward.


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