Getting Started

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Character creation!

Before concocting together what you want to play, please take a look at World Backstory and the Continent of Siendart as well as it’s Areas to get some ideas and inspiration. Check out Rules of Immersion for some helpful guidlines on roleplay and character play.

After that, come up with an idea of what you want to play. Whether it’s a theme such as a dungeon delver or explorer, or a ‘class’ like a sword-and-board fighter, let me know, and I’ll let you know your abilities, strengths, skills, etc.

As part of that, pick what race you’d like to be from the following:

Human- The most common race found just about anywhere. Humans are adaptive, flexible, ambitious and resourceful, though shorter lived than most other humanoid races. They hold a wide variety of talent and specialties, and tend towards sophisticated and shifting tactics against opponents in battle. Almost every kind of profession and talent can be found amongst them.

Dwarf – Shorter, stockier and slower than most other races, they are some of the toughest and most loyal amongst the common races. They have produced some of the best stone and metal artisans, and are quite long lived. They are experts in combat, effective at using their surroundings and working with others.

Elf – Lithe and mysterious, elves are perhaps the longest lived of the humanoid races, but conversely slowest to change and adapt. They are quite nimble, brilliant and highly analytical, though tend to think differently than most and take the long view to things. They favor nature and wilderness over structure and urban environments. They favor mobility and grace in combat, as well as magic when possible.

Gnome – Rather short and small for the humanoid races, they favor the earth. They are masters of invention, and have an eye for gems and similar finery. They tends toward mischief, favoring illusion, traps and misdirection over direct confrontation.

Halflings- The smallest of the humanoid races, they are often mistaken for a human child. They tend to be a practical people, favoring comfort and simplicity over wealth. They tend to favor stealth, strategy and range when forced to fight.

There are other humanoid races as well, such as orcs, gnolls, etc, not to mention the mixed offspring of these races interbreeding. If you STRONGLY wish to play as something other than the five mentioned races, approach me. We’ll talk.

The game will be taking place on the continent of Siendart (pronounced SEE-END-ARE-AY after its discoverer). It is relatively young and unexplored compared to the other continents, so adventurers, explorers, sellswords and anyone with any trade or skill are welcome and in demand. Most major established cities exist along the coast or major waterways. There are a fairly wide variety of races, humans being the most common, but elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, orcs and more are quite readily found as well, not to mention mixed offspring of said races.

There are no major nations or countries, though there are certainly a great number of power groups and factions vying for promenance as well as seeking to establish claim.
The geography is fairly varied. Most of it falls into the temperate zone, forest, grasslands, marsh, etc, but there exists deserts and wasteland to the south, a frozen tundra to the north, mountains and more…even tales of a volcano.

Magic exists and certainly is a force to reckon with, though after the Spellplague some centuries ago, its not what it used to be. Legends and feats of old are impossible, such as moving a mountain or sundering a kingdom, but neither is a small spell like magic missle considered an astounding feat.

Getting Started

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