Money and Coins


  • Coin and resources have found themselves rather lean in the old lands, with all the turmoil and catastrophes of the previous years. The value of gold, platinum, and other valuables has rocketed upwards tremendously compared to the common coin. The result is the cost of things has gone to either end of the spectrum. Everyday goods dropped in cost and value, while more expensive, magical, and valuable commodities grew even more expensive. The exploration of Siendart has helped some, but remains such a dangerous and uncertain venture that it creates fluctuations in coin value.
  • Monetary System
  • The common trade coin most widely accepted is to the following values and type:
Coin Equivalent Value
1 Platinum Piece 1 Platinum Piece (PP)
100 Gold Pieces (GP)
500 Electrum Pieces (EP)
1000 Silver Pieces (SP)
10,000 Copper Pieces (CP)
  • Copper coins are also known as “thumbs” or “pigs”.
  • Silver coins are also known as “falcons” or “swords”.
  • Electrum coins are also known as “eyes” or “moons”.
  • Gold coins are also known as “lions” or “crowns”.
  • Platinum coins are also known as “dragons” or “pearls”.

Other coins most certainly exist (such as a dwarven ducat), though their value varies much more wildly depending on where it’s used.

  • Other forms of value and payment exist, such as bartering and trade goods, but also include:
    • Trade Bars – thin metal bars stamped (and oft enchanted) with a guild’s crest, and the value of the bar itself.
    • Harbor Coins – general term given to specific trade coins used for bulk purchase, usually platinum inlaid with engraved electrum.
    • Blood Notes – basically an I.O.U., they are not to be taken lightly, as both copies are ascribed and signed with the respective party’s blood, and affixed with a lord’s seal or other officiating power.
    • Mercenary Cards – used primarily by mercenaries or other militaristic organizations, they are a writ of value signed off by a company’s quartermaster and commander for a specified amount or type of equipment. Often won and lost as much as they are issued at bar-room card games when a merc finds himself short of physical coin.
  • Some cities have coin specific to their location that hold a certain value within the walls, and drop steeply in value in places beyond the borders.
  • Much more rarely, gems are used in place of coins for large transactions, typically amongst kings or noble houses, given their value and rarity.

Money and Coins

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