Roleplay Rewards

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At the end of every session, the DM can hand out rewards for various roleplay bonuses. They do not necessarily have to, or will be, given out, but if they are, here is the reward for reference purposes.

Roleplay Reward – Role play reward goes to the person that played their character the best for that session. Whether it was sticking to their guns, faith, personality, or doing something that best exemplifies their character, they get this bonus for the session. The decision is left to the group, with the DM being the tiebreaker.

Reward: 25 hours in a single ability score, or 75 hours in a skill.

Combat Reward – If combat occurs in a session, everyone who participated will be given a single Blue Chip. If one combatant has especially stood out, whether for flair, effectiveness, kill-count, etc., they may receive an additional Combat Reward.

Reward: 10 hours to a weapon skill or combat maneuver.

Roleplay Rewards

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