World Backstory

" The World of Telduin has endured a great many troubles and upheavals the past few centuries, one catastrophe after another. The Spellplague, The Godless War, The Age of Worms, The Rattled Cage, and the Savage Tide are but a few to name.

These cataclysms have reshaped the pantheon of the gods, overthrown rulers and nations, and even altered the geography of the world.

It is the time of the Rending. The great overgod Io has sundered the Tablets of Fate, and begun to rewrite them…leaving the gods, unsure of what this means for them or their positions, make preparations with the help of their servants.

With the suppression of the Savage Tide, mortal kind has rebuilt and reorganized. A half-century or so ago, ships and explorers of all kinds began to spread across the four corners of the map, seeking and cataloguing the much-changed world.

Such was the discovery of Siendart.

A new continent, brought into being from the upheavals and troubled times. From the moment of its discovery, there was a great deluge of people seeking to explore and settle the great continent. Ripe for picking, it has proved full of adventure and excitement for the daring, treasure for the bold…and fraught with untold danger and secrets…"

World Backstory

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