Fate Comes to Call

A glimpse of the past

Look at all these loosers

Once again we have been exposed to a great sight that is amazing and horifying all at once. Whoever was in watch withered a strange glowing from outside the tunnel, and after waking everybody we investigated.
On the surface there was a great horde of ghosts, but they were of a single mind and paying is no mind as they matched forward through the now open gates. The event we saw before us was a ghost parade, and phenomenal event in which a large group of spirits unite to repeat one of there last actions in life, in this case marching towards ravenloft.
Judging from their appearances this is the gathering of everybody that has died in an attempt to kill Strahd over the course of centuries. As we watched I saw a huge range of strength among then, from simple peasants to might warriors that looked like in life they could cleave me in half in a single strike. It worries me that such powerful people have tried and failed in the save task we are preparing for, I can only hope they were not as prepared, in a group, or as favored by fate as we are…


LycanthropianDM harris645

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