Fate Comes to Call

An addendum to a list

Still doing this

Since more insane shit has happened to me in… I think it’s been like 3 or 4 days… I will add to my list now.

Things that have tried to kill me

Weird stretchy things with spiky-arm tentacles that tried to choke me
A crazy old priest that shot death balls
The crazy old priest’s undead son
The most ineffectual bandits ever
A weirdly persistent skeleton that can’t take a hint
A swarm of maggots. Lots and lots of maggots.
More weird zombies. One sang. One reminded me of Marius.

Other weird shit
A horde of adventurer ghosts. Surprisingly did not try to kill us.
Apparently we’re hunting down artifacts now?
A glass sword. I cannot figure out how that is supposed to be effective. I assume magic.
We met a bear-man, a wolf-man and a blind beggar. They gave us stuff.
Also I’m trying to kill a lord now which is a strange turn of events given my previous occupation.


LycanthropianDM VMillion

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