Fate Comes to Call

An Unrestful Repose

Your sleep has been fitful. Between the stress, the constant threat and wariness of another attack, and the persistent feeling of being watched that you can’t quite shake, well, you’ve hardly gotten the rest you truly need.

The attack from the savage vampire, in daylight no less, has only added to your stress and worries.

The following night, you finally manage to nod off. Fitful dreams and nonsense fill your slumber, a mix of images half-remembered…before fading out, and leaving a new scene strongly drawn on your mind…

You see the silhouette of a man chanting a mantra of nonsense words with great strain. You get snippets of his surroundings, sigils and a room in which everything is scattered and chaotic. You get the feeling you’ve met him before, and for a moment his image sharpens into clarity, and you see him clearly.

He stops his chanting, looking up and squinting as if to see through a haze, before he seems to see you. “They’re alive!” he exclaims to someone behind , though the sound is muffled and out of sync with the movement of his lips. He peers at you again, as if looking through you at something far off. “Plane…other world…Ravenloft?” he mutters again, voice still out of sync.

He seems to refocus on you. “Things are happening…rumors of war in the old continent…strange happenings to the south…” he seems to strain as he talks, as if fighting something back. “We have…business…we must…discuss…” he says, visibly shaking from effort now, “Don’t…delay…hurry. There are signs…portents…that point at you…” he gasps, before a swirl of dark mist and cold eyes overtakes the image, and the overwhelming feeling of anger…hunger…INTERLOPER IN MY DOMAI-

You wake up in a cold sweat.


LycanthropianDM LycanthropianDM

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