Fate Comes to Call

Atheism/Agnostism from a Mage

Max is an atheist/agnostic in a world where gods do exist and do display miracles and favors to their servants. For typical DnD players this seems absurd for someone to be in such denial with iron clad proof before them. Well it’s not so ironclad if you think like a mage. Magic could be as simple as a technology or technique no one understands, Old real world myths of magical swords and miracle blades were nothing more than improved technology and techniques that the masses had yet to understand. From a mages perspective the same could be said of miracles of faith or the so called divinity of gods. To a mage they could simply be extremely powerful mages with a cult following, still mortal and flawed in there own way outside of their sustainable immortality. But with a clout and reputation that exaggerates their strength whether or not it is rightly earned. Anyone with a great power that is not understood, could claim divinity but only the truly powerful could back it up and claim the following to ascend to “godhood”. Thus to Max, there are no true gods, only mortals who have cheated death and possess powerful magic beyond the current generations understanding. To him, to claim divinity instead of acknowledging your own power and the path you took to it is pretending and unworthy of what you truly are. How Julianah’s efforts will effect this will remain to be seen, but this is an explanation of Max’s “Religious” inclinations. Not a popular opinion in such a world, but Max isn’t exactly the kind of person to rely on anyone but himself and his companions, in the realm of mortals and will actively buck the will of a so called higher power, for better or worse Max is the maker of his own Fate.



steals your fate while you’re distracted on your soapbox

Atheism/Agnostism from a Mage

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Atheism/Agnostism from a Mage
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