Fate Comes to Call

Blinded by the Light

I can't see clearly now and the Pain has come

With a glorious flash of light the Hag is destroyed but where is her corpse, why does the light not fade to reveal my triumph. Hmmm, I hear a commotion, that cannot be good. Jolias, tell your “deity” that if she shows but one more miracle, I will concede her divinity. A few moments later and nothing, perhaps she wishes for me to remain blind so that I may learn to hold my tongue in my criticism in her…what deity could be so thin skinned, no, she is no god, she is only a mortal of great strength. But how does one attain such power and fame? It must be her following, the power she draws from those who pray to her, siphoning their strength for her own. This power can come from within, divinity is nothing more than a heightened state achieved through the will of oneself and the energy of others attained through ritual offering of magical energy. But not all gods have such a following…perhaps their legend is their power, the stories of their might which allows them to generate a following which willing offers their energy up in prayer…

Perhaps Antonio has been right all along and I have been just too blind to see it.


LycanthropianDM townsendsteven84

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