Fate Comes to Call

But at what cost?

Walking the knifes edge

“All great sacrifices demand a price to be paid.-Anon

Gentle reader I have walked a thin line between life and death today and I somehow have returned to tell the tale. In a moment of great need I have paid a terrible price to bring the power of shadow into the world, and its full cost has not yet been decided. I did this not for my companions or for personal power but to allow my people, my brothers and sisters to live another day. As I feared Madam Eva knew that I would be needed to make this sacrifice and now I find myself instead of lauded for my actions indebted to both my people and the gods I serve. One wonders where all the tales of noble heroes making great sacrifices for others and being richly rewarded for it come from. I most certainly wont be writing anything of the sort I assure you.

As it stands my people did need me. A large pack of werewolves ferociously mauled the caravans retreat to the bridge. We allowed my people to pass and attempted to slow down pursuit

That did not go well at all.

The werewolves jumped over the wide river we thought would funnel them onto the bridge and quickly surrounded the majority of my companions. Only the undertaker and I could fly or levitate above the fray and even then we were targeted by enemy spellcasters and giant rock throwing beasts. It was there at my lowest ebb with my left hand smashed into a useless pulp that I saw what else was coming to kill us.

Given more time I might have properly learned what I did next. Given careful thought and observations, I might know just what in the hells I did back there…the events are somewhat hazy. But unlike the drunken priest who prays to his gods for power or the godchild who seemingly rips it from the skies overhead by the force of his own will, I called upon the luck I have earned as a Fatebender to nudge the great wheel of time into an outcome where I was successful in my actions. The enemy host was defeated before me. Brought low before the powers bestowed upon me by the gods I serve. It wasn’t pretty but it was effective and in the end it almost killed me.

Almost. But not today.

Evidently I shouted a warning to flee before I fell senseless into the river after my display of power was completed. I was saved from drowning by our fighter friend who jumped in to save me. I suppose that I should try to be nicer to him after all that in the future.

At any rate the die has been cast. The coin has been flipped and all the world waits to see which side it shall land on. There is a price to be paid for what I have done today and soon I shall find out just what that is.


LycanthropianDM Garde_Manger_Guy

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