Fate Comes to Call

Dealing with Max

(Don't Hurt Me, Please.)

That bloody Max! That lighting magic wielding idiot almost killed me last night. Only if my sister was not there to protect me. Seriously, his rage was immense. It was like a raging animal; eyes full of blood, clenched fists, foaming at the mouth (that part is not true but I like to imagine it when I’m drunk and telling stories). There must be a way to deal with the amalgamation of uncontrollable motions such as Max. On the bright side, my legs feel thinner from running around the camp a bunch of times. But I need the help of Dakras or Antonio to see if I can help Max control his feelings. Alcohol would not be the solution. Maybe… no. Dakras would probably be the most likely to help. But another time. My companions are wailing my ears out. Screaming for a heal or two. Maybe if they are much more careful in battle, I wouldn’t have to heal them all the time…. Or not getting bit. Those teeth sure look deadly.


LycanthropianDM pablothelatino

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