Fate Comes to Call

Dreamless slumber

Sigh. What did Thor do now?

Gentle reader it has now been almost a full day since my last entry and I have spent nearly all that time in a comatose slumber the likes of which I have rarely experienced. My dreams in this dark land have been fearful indeed since I arrived but for the first time since our unexpected appearance I slept nightmare free for an entire evening.

It seems I had forgotten how peaceful my dreams used to be.

Still whatever the reason, this uninterrupted rest finally gave me the chance to think deeply about the events of the previous days. Suddenly I realized that I have come up with a fairly startling revelation. When my companions and I were trapped in the towns graveyard, I took special note of the procession of spirits making their way to the castle every night . Included in this ghostly procession where men made completely of metal that now that I have had time to think upon it clearly almost exactly match the description of the “men of metal” that were found at The Construct almost a decade ago!

Having only glanced upon the tales of the place briefly (the writing is a bit dry and wordy to suit even my tastes) the illustrations included with the copy of the book at the Royal Exploration Society are very well done. Those drawings almost exactly match some of the ghosts that are cursed to travel to the castle every night.

This brings up two very interesting points. First that these “warforged” as they are called still exist here in this realm. Even if they have all long since become broken or unusable, someone here should have a tale, story or example of one that actually worked unlike those uncovered at The Construct.

Secondly in order for what we have always believed to be some form of construct to become a ghost and join this procession at night IT MUST HAVE A SOUL to tie it to this place in death. This makes the sacrifice of the “gearforged” at the construct that much more tragic if my theory could be proven to be true. Sentient constructs? What purpose would they serve? How do they communicate? Do they eat? What….

Sigh Apparently the God-child has hurt himself yet again while training outside. I suppose he banged his head on a tree branch after bending over to pick up a shiny silver piece. I guess I will go see what he has done to himself this time…


LycanthropianDM Garde_Manger_Guy

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