Fate Comes to Call


Every body else is dumb

It has once again been shown that Antonio is the only one I can trust to not make stupid mistakes. Everybody else outvoted us in order to allow Duck to brew potions to prepare for his inevitable betrayal (luckily I already destroyed his kit and regeants). Axe also kept the donkey around which backfired.

As the day progressed we eventually made our way to the castle and the bridge blew up with duck and the donkey on it (which he probably rigged in the first place). The donkey turned into a greater nightmare and flew him away as axe and I defended against the aproachjng undead.

As expected the undead got a few hits in and were neutralized soon but as they were being held the others continued destroying the frozen forms against my request. This will likely reduce our combat and scouting potential in the future.

On the bright side we now have a vampire under my control to question about the castle


LycanthropianDM harris645

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