Fate Comes to Call

On child stealing and procreation rites of the Gypsy peoples.

Will the persecution of my people ever end?

In the name of his imperial majesty King Eddard the Third, I submit these observations of the Gypsy peoples to the nobles and rulers of the seven kingdoms so that they may be made aware of the foul and evil menace to be found skulking through their towns and villages.

As many of you are aware, there is a dark and dangerous menace to all of society that lurks right outside our doorstep. Its black, malignant presence is tolerated in our lands only because of a noble decree made by the late Queen Shireen the First whose kind hearted nature was exploited by these mongrels and directly led to her untimely demise.

This pestilence is none other than the Gypsy. A subhuman race of man whose disregard for everything that the righteous man holds dear is an affront to nature and the gods themselves. By royal decree we are forbidden to rid ourselves of these abominations. While upstanding citizens of the seven kingdoms beseech noble King Eddard for a reversal of this edict, the concerned citizens of this realm thought it wise to educate the nobility about the true nature of this dire threat upon our lands. In my other writings I have laid forth the case against these vile creatures. I will not retell those previous tales here. Instead today I seek to educate you all of the grave danger of child stealing and wanton carousing that frequently occurs inside the gypsies black magic circles.

These gypsies (also know as Vistani or Varisians in nearby lands) are low born tricksters who will swindle honest folk of all stripes of every single coin they own. This is a well known fact. What is less known is the secretive means of procreation and child abductions they use to bolster their numbers. Be warned noble friends! Only woe will come to you if you step inside the circle of a Gypsies wagon!

Many barons or mayors here locally feel an undo pressure to allow a Gypsy wagon train through their towns and villages. The fear of the so called “gypsy curse” is a powerful yet completely unfounded reason for doing so. Indeed, allowing these people safe passage is an open invitation to let your children be stolen and your men (and women!) to be seduced by these succubi!

There are countless tales of woe that spring from allowing these demons to camp near your towns. The black magic spells that the women dance to at night lead men (and women!) of even the stoutest nature into their webs of lust and debauchery. These devils combine this lasciviousness with potent charms and potions to dull the senses of nearby townsfolk allowing them to snatch children right from their mothers arms!

Such foul wickedness cannot be allowed to be tolerated for one moment longer! In the name of all that is right and holy in this realm, beseech our new king to put the sword to these chuds!


Hey, Hogthorpe’s back in the Old Continent! That explains so much.

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