Fate Comes to Call

On Odin (not Max) and the Vanir

Peace in our...ah crap!

It was a time long ago, but almost twenty years after the gods and champions of Asgaror led by Odin had declared war on the Vanir. The war had been long and bloody unto this point with no clear victor. As casualties mounted on both sides and once fertile soil was ruined by the blood and destruction of war, a call for peace was made. It was ignored by both sides for years, but after years of devastation wiser heads prevailed and the diplomats were sent for to arrange a truce.

The process took months. Countless hours of bickering and arguing led to days of hostile negotiations. Eventually however the reality that both sides must make peace and cooperate with one another slowly began to sink in. The long hours spent by the negotiation team also gave them a rough sort of grudging respect for one another and their respective homelands. The task of making peace was still arduous and difficult even with this newfound respect.

Eventually the two sides decided upon a formal end to hostilities. The document draw up to commemorate the event was dense, long, and filled with many provisions seeking to guarantee a lasting peace. The capstone of this document was to be an exchange of high ranking prisoners to live as “honored guests” in each others feasting halls. The Vanir’s exchange went perfectly with no cause for concern. It appeared as though the two sides would be able to co-exist for a time and perhaps even begin to put aside their many differences.

Then the Asgaror exchange took place.

Mimir was a hearty wizened old warrior who had spent many years feasting in Odin’s hall. His council was valued greatly by Odin and all of his line. His title was not granted as a courtesy, for he had fought in Odin’s many wars and proved both his valor and might many times over. In these his elder years he was often the voice of reason when younger blood would rush to bloodshed. Mimir was the lone voice to speak against the war with the Vanir. He was shunned at court for many years, but when his prediction of the stalemate came true he once again found himself summoned to Odin’s side to provide council. Now Odin was asking Mimir to give up a life of feasting, companionship, and luxury to make peace with an enemy still hated by many.

Mimir agreed without hesitation.

The exchange itself went as well as the first without any signs of trouble. But as the Vanir war party “honor guard” was escorting him back to Vanir lands a strange and troubling event occurred. The Vanir were cresting a hill with a Asgaror war party “honor guard” when a raven as black as midnight materialized right before them all. It sqwarked loudly several times before flying directly to Mimir and alighting upon his shoulders. Fearing betrayal and an ambush the Vanir attacked the greater Asgaror host and were slaughtered to a man.

But not without loss.

The attack was sprung to allow a lone Vanir defender the opportunity to behead Mimir before dying. He is said to have thrown the head of Odin’s wisest advisor back at the Asgarorians before succumbing to his wounds. His last words were a curse in his native tongue, holding "The owner of that thrice cursed Raven " accountable for what was surely to be a continuation of the bloody war between the Vanir and Asgaror. He spoke his actual curse in the old tongue with his own lifesblood to seal it.

I fear for the owner of that Raven, for it was not Odin’s.

The war rages on even now. The truce has ended and bloody battles rage on across our lands. It is said that Odin himself has taken Mimir’s head and embalmed it with herbs so that it would not rot. He also is said to have spoken charms over it, which imbued the head with the ability to answer Odin and continue to give him the wise council he has lost.

If this is true, I hope Mimir can save us all from further bloodshed.


Hahahaha! My raven has planted the seeds of revenge within their system. Astaroth the War Bringer has fulfilled his destiny.

On Odin (not Max) and the Vanir
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