Fate Comes to Call

One Day at a Time

One Step at a Time

Max stood outside the manor and begun practicing his Call Lightning. As bolt after bolt comes down each one is accompanied by a great thunderclap. Max focuses and tries to call down two…doesn’t work…He tries again….doesn’t work….again….doesn’t work….once more….nothing. Frustration and self pity begin to well up in him once again. Just as it does, his chest burns. The wound won’t let him feel like this. Max scoffs, “Okay okay, I get it.” “I can do this, One bolt at a time, one step at a time, and finally one day at a time.” “Just keep moving forward.” Max resumes his training, and the mist strangely recedes for a moment and the sun begins to shine. Max is too focused on his training to notice the assailant as he jumps on him and rips him open. Max responds with the biggest bolt he can muster…nothing, the creature stands there defiantly. Max thinks to himself: “One motherfucking dead man at a time.”


LycanthropianDM townsendsteven84

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