Fate Comes to Call

Re-Entry Prayer

Austere Lady,

Please help guide us through to our next objective within these castle walls. We don’t fully know where this treasury is, but we trust that with Antonio’s knowledge and your wisdom we should find it soon.

Please grant us the time necessary to complete our mission here in Barovia and make it back to Siendart. I know time is ticking: please grant us wisdom so we can eliminate all threats as quickly as possible.

Finally, please grant myself and my party members a calm peace of mind. Re-entering this castle is nerve wracking on its own; the last thing we need is fighting among ourselves while we fight Straud’s forces. Let us work together, not work apart.

Thank you for easing my nerves and my rage this day. I will continue to keep it reigned in while I fight on in your name


LycanthropianDM MarlsTheDestroyer

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