Fate Comes to Call

Report 16th of the Harvester

Today I’ve witnessed miracles and curses. The Austere Lady’ herald healed me on death’s door from a pierced lung. We defeated the hag, and the unholy amalgam of bones.

Yet we are currently sitting inside a grave. Bats are surrounding us scratching at our hiding place, looking for the people that robbed the master’s power.

Which is us, but still. We should have expected some sort of retribution but I didnt think every creature would be tormented like this.

We were tasked to save the town, but I dread going there again. What would Ismark say? Irina? Ulrich? I almost fear facing their scorn and seeing the possible damage more than Strahd’s wrath. I can understand why he would hate us. But seeing a town we tried so hard to help being in shambles, torn against us…

Taking and claiming the fanes were necessary. Tactically, we needed to wrest power from the master to face him and even have a chance. But somehow every choice we make, no matter how tactical, always ends in collateral damage.


LycanthropianDM MarlsTheDestroyer

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