Fate Comes to Call

Report 18th of the Goodmonth

Encountered an incredibly boorish man and obtained 4 ridiculously priced shovels. Will be returned tomorrow 19th of the Goodmonth before noon or we incur serious monetary penalties.

Fog thick and heavy today. Eyes were watching. Decided to sweep and clear out the cemetary bit by bit and then search with a fine toothed comb.

First mausoleum held what Antonio and Dakras called chokers. After dragging Axe up, I went up to push Axe and the chokers off for our companions to take care of. One died as such, one escaped. Yet to encounter it. Dead one taken by Dakras

Inside held a dwarf and human, sitting side by side. All weaponry, armor, and corpses themselves unusable.

Swarm of these nasty bugs. They looked like maggots. They poured out of another masoleum. I was useless against it, yet we managed to overcome with Dakras’ fire magic, Antonio’s quick thinking, and a stray lightning bolt here and there. tomb left unopen

Found gravekeeper’s shack. Gravekeeper appeared to hole up inside and passed away. Found more digging tools.

Found a gazebo. Torn up on the inside. Words scratched inside appear to be from a raven knight about the location of sword.

Followed splinter trail underground (Mihail) fought several grave touched ghouls and what Dakras said was a harpy. Retrieved clue to location. Forced to stay the knight below in that crypt due to gates shutting.

Retrieved sunsword courtesy of Shem.

Ghosts rose up heading towards Castle. I know an ego trip when I see one. Used opportunity to get out of gates.

Notes if we return: still at least one choker in the area. At least two notable areas we have not been through. Inspect warding magic on gates.


LycanthropianDM MarlsTheDestroyer

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