Fate Comes to Call

The fallen priest

Gentle reader, I return to writing after a prolonged absence with word of our current misadventures and a warning. Our struggle to free ourselves from this wicked place and the master of this land continues. Indeed it appears that we may be making headway on that front with our successful incursion into two of the three “fanes” that ward the land and give our enemy a vast amount of power here.

The fanes have been guarded by witches who all seem to share a bond of some form almost as if they were part of a coven. Fortunately they seem much less organized and cooperative with each other than the three sisters in Siendart that guard the waterways there. I fear what their power could have been if they worked together in defense of the fanes.

On their own they were still formidable. They wield dark twisted magic that has bewitched the minds and bodies of myself and my companions. The tainted corruption that they equip like armour around them has made our struggle to stay alive difficult. By the luck of the gods themselves we have bested them twice and now our third challenge awaits us deep in the tangled forests of the cursed Svalich woods. The master of the lands is fully aware of what we are doing and if he is going to stop us in our quest he must do so now before we progress much further.

But he may have already defeated us, for I fear that the drunken priest has fallen.

His despair, misery, and despondency has reached a new low even for him. I fear he pays lip service to his supposed goddess of tactics while drinking deep from the cup of darkness that his new master Gelmar has provided him. His actions of late have shone no love of tactics or strategy, just a helpless self loathing and selfishness that is absolutely sickening to be forced to put up with. Even his own sister the Paladin has remarked upon it.

Yet put up with this I must for it appears that I am alone in my concern for having a depressed, suicidal drunk as this expeditions healer. May the gods have mercy on us all.


Dang… that Siendart pantheon name drop tho

The fallen priest

Oh shit…Gelmar

The fallen priest
LycanthropianDM Garde_Manger_Guy

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