Fate Comes to Call

The Gnats and the Dregs

Why have the gods forsaken me???
All I have done is follow in their practices, to be only delivered hollow promises to move on.
The gnats. I can feel them all around me . Biting at my every bit of my body and soul.
How we’ve come to this.
This dreg heap at the end of the world.
That hag’s touch is pure darkness. And no one can see it.
Blinded by the false journey in order to get home.
Nothing exists but pure darkness and despair in this part of the world.
Their eyes are not awoken to the true form of this world: a dinner table for the Master.
It’s too late for me. Not even alcohol can satisfy me anymore.
All is left is death. That’s all I can expect from now on.
Dearest sister, can you feel the gnats biting you too? Surely, it’s not only me.
They nip and pick at every moment.
I can see them. I can feel them. This is what is like to be alone.
Eventually, the gnats won’t have anything to feed upon this carcass and soon this whole dreg heap.
Beware of the gnats. The plague of beasts is nigh. Let the feast begin.


LycanthropianDM pablothelatino

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