Fate Comes to Call

The Third Fein

Although we believed that the mountain fein would be the most difficult due to its proximity to the castle I am now having second thoughts. The mountain did have its difficulties, the climb being one of them, but overall was not too terrible. The undead being would have been difficult had Axe not received a convenient vision that led us to figuring out its weakness. The Demons within were annoying but nothing we couldn’t handle, and the hag did little more than incapacitate Jolias.

The knowledge we have gained about the the forest is a little more troubling. The hag protecting this site is supposedly the old twisted matriarch of the wolf tribe. The power of a werewolf strong enough to force the rest of her kin to follow would be bad enough, add in the corrupting power of the land and we may have an issue. That is not even including the rest of the tribe we will need to evade, or more likely fight our way through just to find her.

This site does have the greatest stirring of desire within me however. Since the first sighting I have been secretly hoping that we would encounter a dire worg in a situation where we would have to fight. Such a powerful beast would make a marvelous undead, perhaps even serving as a mount when not needed for combat. Aside from that, if possible at all, an undead werewolf would likewise be an impressive specimen.


LycanthropianDM harris645

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