Fate Comes to Call

The Tipsy Skeleton

Jolias's and Dakras's bar in Fiveport

After the voyage into Ravenloft, Jolias and Dakras decided to build a base of operations for the group. However, instead of a church, they decided to create a bar despite protests from other group members.
The top floor was a generic bar that is ran by Jolias. However, beneath the bar are the Catacombs. This is where Dakras stores some of his undead. It is also the home of the bar that primarily caters to undead. Therefore, the name of the bar is the Tipsy Skeleton.
A recent interview with the bar owners.
Interviewer: So Jolias, do you ever adventure anymore?
Jolias: Umm, I only go adventuring in hopes of finding and trying out new drinks. While the majority of the party fights for justice, I fight for booze.
I: What about your friend Dakras?
J: Dakras fights to just get new undead for the Catacombs bar below.
I: What is the bar used for? The one below? I heard many rumors about it.
J: Dakras first told me about the idea. At first, I was skeptical. However, he’s been a bro in the past so we went through it. Plus, Dakras said he “liked the ambiance of the place.” We mainly use the Catacombs under us to please the undead. However, its become a bar and a storing space. Dakras also disposes of unwelcome patrons by killing them and reanimating them.
I: How…strict…
J: Our place of business can tolerate a few mishaps in the name of fun. However, we do not tolerate acts of violence or mischief in our bar.
I: How do you guys deal with thieves and evil bad guys?!
J: Well, if you haven’t noticed, crime in Fiveport has decreased by 33 percent. The theives are actually too drunk to go rob people. However, some of the town watch are drunk as well. The hilarious thing is that they get along. As for the BBGs, they like the bar too much to scheme. Another fun fact is that the BBGs are looking for the Book of Vile Darkness. In my bar, we use it as a coaster for drinks. So it is right under their nose.
I: Well, thank you for your time, Jolias. Be sure to visit the Tipsy Skeleton at Fiveport.


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