Fate Comes to Call

The wrath of the master...

is upon us all

Gentle reader, I pen this missive to you all while trapped underground in a former ghoul lair. The stench is foul and the lone exit from this place is blocked to protect us from the great swarm of bats circling outside. We do not know how long we will be trapped here. However, I fear that if this plague of winged nightmares doesn’t fly back to the castle soon we will all die from the lack of fresh air we are no longer receiving from outside.

Our quest to wrest control of the fanes away from the master of these lands has met with success at last. We defeated his guardians and then proceeded to put down the undead abomination that was foretold by Madam Eva’s prophecy. This was not done without cost. The godling lost his sight only to have it returned to him by divine intervention. The fact that it was not returned fully I believe to be a repayment on his insistence in taunting the gods themselves. I am not a follower of The Austere Lady by any means but I respect her divinity and thank her in my own way for the healing she bestows upon us through her agents. We have found during this journey that our respective gods have taken a very healthy interest in our lives and only a fool like Shango would continue to refuse to acknowledge their existence.

Not that it matters now.

When the master of these lands felt his connection to the fanes severed he reacted with swift and brutal rage. That anger took the form of a swarm of bats, more than I have ever seen in one place and one time that blackened the skies in every direction from the castle with their multitudes. Our only option was to run and hide from the endless swarms and so we did to save our own skins. We barely made it to our noxious hideaway and became separated in the process. The godchild went into Barovia with the drunken priest in pursuit attempting to get him to come back to us.

I know not as of this writing if they are alive or dead.

In any event the master of these lands is most displeased. He has issued an edict heard to all in the land that we are to present ourselves to his castle to be disciplined most harshly. I doubt that even my brothers and sisters will be willing to be hide us from his judgement now. If we could find them. It would seem that we have at last run out of time and our confrontation with the evil master of this place draws near.

My lone regret in this nightmarish mess is that I have not seen Madam Eva again since she told us of our fortunes. It is my reasoned opinion that she could make use of a powerful mystic related artifact we found underneath the castle in its crypts to break free of the dread lords influence on her and by extension to my people. There is a chance in fact that it might leave her perfectly positioned to come to rule these lands herself when and if we are fortunate enough to defeat him. I doubt that the people of Barovia would be pleased if this turn of events came to pass but even though I have pretended not to hear the insults, slander, and outright lies hurled at my people every day here, I have remembered each and every one of them.

But enough foolish dreaming. We are in a great deal of danger and will willingly be marching or be herded into a great deal more peril very very soon. By the powers of the gods I serve I hope that they are able to influence the fates in our favor and that we are ready to face the trials ahead of us. .


LycanthropianDM Garde_Manger_Guy

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