Fate Comes to Call

Unexpected Transaction

Not last minute this time

While my companions worked to repair our arms and armor I decided that I would seek out tailoring materials to repair my cloak and clothes. Once I finally get done repairing it I fear it will be more patches than actual cloak! It would be easier to just buy a new cloak but I can’t bare the thought. My current cloak reminds me of home… Not just our original plane, but of the old continent and my time with master.

It took a little while and asking around but eventually I found a woman that was selling cloth, she had some high quality cotton and some other fine fabric that was just on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t find the name of it. In the end I bought both and plan to cut some of the cotton for patches, which pains me because the quality of the fabric is much to high to be used for something like that.

The true oddity in this shopping trip however was the womans reaction. As I have learned in order to get a fair price one needs to haggle here. As such I began to compliment the woman on her clothing and the fabrics, asking if she made them herself, this led to something much more than I expected. I was only half paying attention so I can’t recall the response but the talking was able to knock a sizable portion off of the total price. While I was fishing out my coins I noticed something odd, it appeared she was making advances. This caught me off guard and I cannot say when she had started as I didn’t pick up on it.

I had long ago gave up such thoughts for my goals. If I was to venture the land, discovering lost knowledge, fighting great enemies, and seek to change the opinion people have for my brand of magic then I would be constantly on the road and in danger, no place for romance.

In the end I decided to indulge, desiring to lay with a woman at least once before I died…. for a third time.

Afterwords I had realized the potential consequences of my actions, a child growing up without a father. I had a similar upbringing, but at least I had Sammaster to fill the role after my actual father perished. I am sure a society such as this has ways to take such events into account but it is still not something I would like to risk. I may have a magical means to render myself unable to sire children, however, I would need to talk to Jolias about his ability to reverse the process. This may be especially pertinent as I have now realized that I would like some dye so that the patches may blend better and not be an eyesore.


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