Fate Comes to Call

Vampiric disturbance

As soon as I thought I would have some time to relax, learn a spell, and maybe some custom work Max had to ruin it. I suppose I can’t truly blame him for everything, The disturbance in my work came from him screaming and being attacked came from outside yes, but it may have happened anyway. If Max had not been outside it’s possible that the vampire would have shown up anyway and assaulted the house, it is still annoying that if there is even a slim chance of something bad happening Max seems to sniff it out like a bloodhound.

After bursting from the house we made short work of the vampire, but not before it made it’s mark on Julianah, who is once again looking worse for the ware. From what it was yelling it appears that Strahd wants the sword she bares and is willing to throw minions at us now that he knows we have it. After defeating the vampire it turned into a black mist to return to its crypt and regenerate, likely to attack once again tomorrow. Max and I attempted to stop it to collect our thought, but despite the bought time we as a group were unable to determine a way to destroy the gas and were forced to let it flee.

An odd thing to note; the vampire attacked during the day… The fog that indicates Strahds vision was all around us and was blocking the light except for one patch of the sky, as if to display his minions power and resistance to the light. I desired greatly to command the vampire to bring it into my group but was sure such an attempt would be pushed off as it is probably controlled by Strahd.


Well! It’s no wonder that Julianah got hit so much last session given that this is the sword she “bares”. I might not wield a sword that I knew I had to get naked to use!
Or maybe I would!

Vampiric disturbance
LycanthropianDM harris645

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