Fate Comes to Call

What to do with Max

Max has once again proven to be infuriating. Upon my return I was informed by Antonio that Max had shot Femur with his crossbow. Needless to say I was furious, ready to lash out with either word or violence. As it appears Femur has no visible harm, Max claiming he used one of his own healing potions, I agreed with Julianah that his punishment should wait until we are in a safe place, or at least as safe as can be expected while still being in this castle…

Later on Max used the Ring of Nine Lives to save himself from a Mhorg, which seemed to backfire. It turns out the ring was cursed, every time his body or mind was tested the ring pushed spikes deeper into his finger. When I examined the ring I had a sadistic enjoyment hearing him yelp in pain as I applied pressure to the afflicted area. It came as a surprise later on when the ring, running its course, lopped the finger off and became inert. After examination I believe I may be able to reattach it but it was decided it would take too long so I preserved the finger so we can attach it later. Between the skill and magical ability of myself and Jolias I may have the skill to put it back in working order… But I have other plans. I will likely use this opportunity to combine life and unlife. This is a very small scale experiment but it should be enough for my curiosity. I will soon find out if it is possible to take a removed limb, void of life, and animate it with negative energy before affixing it to a living subject. It is my hope it goes well, the applications of this is boundless. A farmer that had his arm removed in an unfortunate harvesting accident shall no longer be reduced to a burden and beggar for his remaining life, assuming he survived the original accident in the first place. The risks are as horrid as the benefits are great, it is also possible that a rot begins after the surgery from infection, or the animating energy does not hold resulting in a dead, useless body part being attached to the body.

I will soon be able to start my first trial.


The first steps on the road to the Abyss, paved with such noble intentions. Feel the power of the dark side! Bwahahahaha!

What to do with Max
LycanthropianDM harris645

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