Fate Comes to Call

Without Love

Not Even Three days Grace

Max was working on a project one cold winter night in Ravenloft when something caught his eye. A traveler on the road, a seemingly blind man with a donkey. Something about him familiar. Max moved to inform his allies of the traveler and soon he discovered it was in fact a blind and feeble duck. He has come to strike a deal the others say. He comes in peace the others say. Max hears none of this, he only sees his prey. After a little coercion he convinces the others to allow him to “Parlay” with the Duck. Although they may have suspected it, Duck, was not as fortunate. Max extends a hand in “friendship” to the duck and as contact is made, Max wracks his arm and body with potent electricity, as he hears the bones pop and snap like a burning log, as sees the flesh turn black, he feels a grim satisfaction. The duck now lays unconscious at Max’s feet, the pain having knocked him out cold. Max feels something predatory within urge him forward. “Finish him off Max…he more than deserves it….BLOOD must be paid with BLOOD.” “He has disgraced you, do you have no PRIDE?” The others call out to him, “That’s enough Max!” “We need information Max!” None of this is heard, his back to them they are of no concern, only the meal before him. With a dark bestial grin unseen to the others, Max extends his left hand and levels it on Duck’s face. “I will….I will make you SUFFER as I have suffered.” Electricity crackles and arcs from his fingers and palm into the duck’s head. As he convulses his eye swells and pops like an overfilled water balloon, accompanied by a sickening squelch and a faint sigh as the Duck dies right there before Max. A strange feeling, No guilt, no anger, only a sated appetite and cruel delight at his demise. Something violent stirs within, the creature has tasted BLOOD, and it likes it.


LycanthropianDM townsendsteven84

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