Fate Comes to Call


It appears that the portal that I expected from the key was indeed true. After a short fight with a demon (and then deal with another) we discovered that the locked away portal was indeed a way back to Seindart. We had a short debate amongst ourselves about what to do with it. I was on the side of using it to return home with Axe being the most outspoken for staying. I should have expected no less from the one who is the most likely to throw himself in front of an enemy blade. While I argued that we are needed back home and can simply take the book and leave he argued that we owed it to the people to push on.

There are certainly reason for us to stay and push on but that is likely one that I disagree with the most. We owe nothing to these people. The most that they have done is house us and provide food, in return we have defeated their enemies and loosened the masters grasp upon the land. It could be argued that by leaving we are dooming them to the masters wrath, the issue with that is there is no reason to believe it will be any worse than when we arrived and the way it has been for as long as this plane has existed. This land seems to have a history of hard times that eventually ceases allowing the town to recover before the next disaster lands. The idea that All of them would be slain is preposterous for a simple reason, they are needed. Even if Strahd were the most sadistic and cruel man in all history he still has a survival instinct, and to survive he needs blood, human blood.

The most logical way to continue living for him is to allow the town to survive. To him the people may be no more than meals but they will have their lives, not easy lives but lives.

In the end it was decided to stay as no others were willing to abandon the land without killing Strahd. In a cruel twist of irony it was then decided that somebody needed to traverse the portal in order to get information and resources. The group decided to choose me as the person to go since my connections and spells were the most useful. The lone voice for leaving and not returning was chosen to be the one to go. This is likely the most that has been trusted to me since Antonio first outed me as a Necromancer, whether I shall betray this trust or not… I do not yet know


LycanthropianDM harris645

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