Fate Comes to Call

Report 21st of the Goodmonth

Ventured through backdoor of castle. In crypts faced monsters that assumed our shapes and identities, although they didnt outright kill us… Their mistake. I overcame their paralysis and was able to warn Jolias and Max. Ive been nervous of other such imposters since, to be honest. Whenever someone wanders away I make them show an ability unique to them. Better safe than sorry especially here.

Met up with Cyrus. I felt a little bad that Dakras and Max used him to get some magical items but honestly it worked out great for us. We found the other half of the portal key. We have an escape just in case things go south. I still remember Antonio’s words, and as much as I hate it he’s right. If something bad should happen, Five Port needs some sort of warning. We know there is trouble already happening. They don’t know what exactly. And I have at least some pages of that book.

No matter now. After meeting Cyrus we went to find the necromatic power. We instead found an imprisoned lycanthrope. He wasnt evil, and personally I wish we were able to help him.

After a few more fights we found an alter down giant ant tunnels. Fought what Antonio calls an Eidelon. It turned Max against us.

Once the fight was over, Dakras began his ritual. He ended up killing himself retrieving a black arrow from a giant werewolf skeleton. He didn’t come back. Everyone stood around waiting like he was going to come back at any second. I walked over and waited at first. But he didn’t come back. Antonio was nonchalantly speaking with his scythe about it like they were talking about a spilled drink and not a human body. It scared me. Max also didn’t come back right away when he died. Antonio warned us about death and Max spoke to me about a dark monster under a table. I placed his body on the alter and thank the Lady he came back.

We decided to wait here the rest of the night. Perhaps its for the best, despite the werewolf corpse and ant husks.

Monsters Fought:
Giant ants
Bone claws

Rooms Uncovered:
Nicoramus den
Ant cavern
Flooded hall
Flooded prison
Flooded necromancy lab


LycanthropianDM MarlsTheDestroyer

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